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Concrete Dreams

so when the world pours concrete on your dreams, do you break through it with force? or use it to make a stronger shell? under the concrete there is no sunshine, but is the memory of the light enough to grow more beautiful? do you smash the rock until the dust is a distant memory? or grow around it and use it as your own foundation? smashing something would release the pressure. but using it would make you impenetrable.


I was fortunate enough to catch this artist's act at the "End of the World Bash" on 15 DEC 2012 at the Amrou Grotto in Zanesville, OH. He took the stage and was immediately impressing the audience. He was dressed confidently in nothing that screamed that he needed attention and little bling, but his performance spoke volumes for where this guy is coming from. He approached his performance with outstanding ability in self-expression and lyrical flow. He is practiced, well written, highly relatable and an excellent poet. His act carries and conveys emotion with ease and immediately draws the listener in- all while keeping the beat and his breath. I'd strongly recommend taking the time to check him out live and would gladly see him perform again if given the chance. Dave @ Metal Splinter Promotions


did you have to laugh, when my world was falling apart.

treated like a stranger, i should have knew from the start!

that selfish, is your first name, it explains, just who you are.

yes wounds always heal... but wounds also scar.

Revenge of the backstabbed

the pavement makes my feet hurt ,the residue of me and you, make my heart hurt! but not a tear squirts! only anger builds. to the point ,i cant contain it and it overfills! im not thinking right! at least how god writes! cuz i want all the wrath! revenge for two knifes! cant get it tonight! but that how life goes! but our path will meet, at the crossroads!!!!

Ambition of an Artist

we are growing bigger not smaller , stronger and taller! every post we receive. every friend thats conceived! we express from the rhythm that pumps in our chest, and see with rhymes whats underneath all of our flesh! keep growing magic bean stalk, lets only rhyme, never talk. cuz your words can say one thing, but you have to walk the walk!


"jack and Jill went up the hill he killed her and became the ripper cuz when jack turned into a man , he fell in love with a stripper. she broke his heart so he cut hers out, and only left her liver and focused on next victim, a humble baby sitter the metaphor from the gore, is this whore made a psycho so he explored, whats in store, when Satan wrote the bible he invited all of his friends, to one final seance. locked the doors ,set a fire! sat back and watched the chaos only lesson that he learned, from all of the violence is that you set your past a blaze, you finally get some silence so he wiped his blade clean and only looked ahead cuz they will never break his heart, he'd rather cut yours out instead!"