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Subtracked "For the Birds" Has Arrived!

The second release from Subtracked, For the Birds, is now available on iTunes:


Massive thanks to all of our friends for the amazing support! Cheers -

Countdown to iTunes


The Final Countdown

We're in the final days finishing up the new album - For the Birds. In the meantime, we ran across some vintage (2002) Subtracked music from the beach days. Hope you enjoy! Cheers -


Do I Hear Chili Cheese Fries?

It was to good to be true, we had all but run out of food at The Subtracked headquarters. Look out for some Smashing beats with a side of fries for dinner tonight... Amen.

The Subtracked at a BBQ

Happy Labor Day to all and to all a safe and happy Subtracked holiday feast... may all of your meat be tasty and delicious. Gettin tasty with it. Amen.

The Subtracked in the Jungle

The snakes had all but given up, but the light of the South American jungle held true. The Subtracked managed to reach the end of the atmosphere... if it's all the same to you.

The Subtracked In Space

Many have tried, only to be hit with an ice cold chicken club in the head. From beneath the wreckage, that was not really held together all that well, sprung The Subtract.