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Only Reason i Feel so Strong About this Because My Great Grandfather Served 10 years in Prison Just for Singing Christian Songs and Reading the Bible to His Kids. Grandparents had to eat Hay at 5 years old just to stay alive because Stalin took everything there parents had , less than 100 YEARS AGO!


-Shutting out the truth only prepares you to loose. -Pick and choose the orders you do , no matter what kind of MONEY/POWER is in front of you -Praying God doesn't allow this Vision I see in the NEXT CENTURY - -Here is your CHURCH SERMON for the MORNING- -FEW NUCLEAR BOMBS away from WORLD being ENSLAVED -

FIRST-We should not be fighting each other , but preparing for World Battle against a Communistic STRUCTURE . If you dont no what a trigger feels like, theres your first mission.

SECOND -Best investment you could possibly make when 18+ is buying a Shotgun , when there isnt anymore for sale, it'll be PRICELESS . MUST LEARN TO LOAD YOUR OWN SHELLS SOLDIERS !

THIRD - The day World ( WILL WITHOUT A DOUBT! ) Take your RIghts away to Bare Arms, MOVE if you can to a SECLUDED SPOT and stock up on ALL THE ARTILLERY you POSSIBLY can TUCK

FOURTH - If your not AWARE of MARTIAL LAW -then LOL

- IF you think CONSPIRACIES have no truth at all to them. then LOL

-If you haven't realized HISTORY does and WILL repeat itself Good Luuuck.

-You can only imagine what SYSTEM will ACCOMPLISH WITH TECHNOLOGY when Ran by a roundtable of Hitlers and Stalins. NO Freedom to the following generations.

-Sad if as soon as Babies will be Born they will be Tracked, of course in the beginning it will help from kids getting lost, but what about when technology gets so advanced you cant even imagine what chips will do to your nervous system. Kind of how If my Dead dad came back to life At this very Moment he would be shocked How telephones changed from him buying a BRICK PHONE. Dont get me wrong technology could mean living for 1000 years instead of 60-90 years, but does human Race really want that if technology is controlled by a round table of Communists .

-Sad when People wont be able to Post things like this Because HOMELAND SECURITY (KGB) will be at there door taking them to a concentration camp.

-of course we all just Happy and smiling running are daily lifes not stopping to even realize how many more Homeless people on the streets begging for change every Year

FIFTH- If i had all the money in the world, id be building a Secret Bomb shelter with weapons, supplies and food to last MINIMUM 7 YEARS .Which IRAQ CAVES ARE PERFECT! Why FIGHT THE STRONGEST when you want them on your team. BUT WAIT! there so called terrorist , bla bla bla.THANKS BUSH. AMERICA IS THE CAPITOL OF ENTERTAINMENT FOR A REASON . DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING MAINSTREAM PUSHING. 911 had to happen to crash Stocks and start NEW WORLD ORDER.

SIXTH - STOP TAKING ORDERS TO KNOCK OFF YOUR OWN LEADERS AND GENERALS. LEADERS AND GENERALS STOP ABUSING YOUR POWERS. SAD THAT VOICES THAT STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT DIE only getting replaced by the killer( organization ) himself that has no loyalty , who is only a MONEY/ POWER HUNGRY PUPPET . RIP -JFK , Martin Luther King , 2Pac, Abraham Lincoln


Last Hours

Have you ever thought; If Earth never got rain until Noahs Flood, how dry was the earth? What do the Codes in the Good Book stories really mean? But then again im just thinking CRAZY dont mind me . If the World was going to BLOW UP next week, you think they would tell you ? come on! And if there was a way to help , New Orleans proved how much they will try right away. History repeats it self, some just blind stuck in clouds. And if you REALLY asking the question "WHO IS THEY" good luuuuuuck. The least i can do is help you think for yourself. Not everything is going to be written out in perfect print. Some things you connect with other things that make things obvious by whats already been happening or happened linking it all together. Might not be dead on but who's perfect. System will do anything in there power to bring down, keep down the REAL Leaders of these last hours. In Gods time last couple hours have been last 2013. Funny how most of the general population start listening during hypes and deaths.

Speaking Freely Before Rights Go Missing

world got us in a head lock to where we really are just stuck confused not understanding where things are leading to but only thing we have left is standing up towards these people that are only making this world a more controlled environment situation leading to the next generations to come being born into a world dominated state of mind atmosphere never experiencing real freedom. A so called free country are founding fathers fought for isnt there anymore.