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Back to the Grind

Well, I'm all moved in to my apartment in Ann Arbor and I'm just about to finish up my first week of the new semester. Already, I feel exhausted from the difference of work load, but I'm happy to be back.

Last night, I went to The Ark's Open Stage, and had a blast. I was picked #14 out of 16 spots, so the audience members were dwindling, but it was great to play on that stage again.There were so many different kinds of music and people, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone.

My parents and I and "friends" are playing at a wedding this Saturday. As much as I am looking forward to being up north for a bit this weekend I am not necessarily ecstatic about the drive. But I'll manage. With a little tea and a lot of music.

New Beginnings

I finally gave in and joined this here site. After many years of playing out but not being on the web, this year I decided that this internet/technology thing was going to stick. I am now the proud owner of www.hannah-curtis.com and a facebook page as well as this page on Reverb.

I'm feeling a new beginning in more ways than one. Of course, promoting myself as an artist is a fresh start, but I will also be moving to Ann Arbor in just 4 short days! Last year I transferred from NMC in Traverse City to the University of Michigan's School of Music. Last year, I barely had anytime to even pick up my guitar (and really only got to play a few open mics). So, this coming year I am beginning an adventure to try to find places to play and musicians to jam with. If you're in Ann Arbor or the surrounding area, keep an eye out for me or give me a shout, I'd love to jam with you!

It's time for new beginnings, a fresh start! And I can't wait.

3 H