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"If a song plays in the middle of a forest..."

"If a song plays in the middle of a forest and no one hears it... does it actually make a sound?" :-)

"I don't create mainstream music for large audiences... My music is just a lone evergreen in the grand forest of human endeavor. Only if one listens... they can hear the sound; songs and love." ~G ---------

Today it is fairly common knowledge that every form of mass in the universe has it's own unique frequency and vibration.

You represent the unique vibration of yourself in everything you think and do; the same is true for every one.

But how many of us realize that electrifying and publishing music is just a method Artists use for 'amplifying individual vibrations' - so that others may share the experience?

As musical Artists, one could say we occupy our time 'crafting our vibrations' for the pleasure of ourselves and others.

Through established genres like Rock, Alternative, World, Hip Hop, Metal, Jazz, Classical (many many more)... we're are able to explore, discover and connect for value with relative ease.

But it's the 'world of possibility' outside of genre, cultural comfort and commercial influence that offers the greatest opportunities.

It is exciting to think that an entire world awaits new, unique sounds- because each of us has one!

All we have to do is get it out there.

To answer the proverbial question "If a song plays in the middle of a forest and no one hears it... does it actually make a sound?"... who cares!

To me- it all works out if we just do our thing: VIBRATE!

When other's like to share… it's added bonus.

Just like music itself: All is good- IN TIME! ~G

See You At The Top

Many of you will recognize the name "Zig Zigler", motivational speaker and author of a great book titled "See You At The Top".

I recommend you read it yourself, but in case you don't presently have the time... here are a few highlights:

1. You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start- to be great. 2. Failure is an event- not a person. 3. Attitude, not Aptitude, determines Altitude!

One of my all-time favorites that helps me keep on 'Positive Tracks':

4. Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully.

I wanted to share this publication because I understand how challenging being an artist can be at times.

Keeping a positive attitude... is everything.

And since it's 'much easier said than done', Zig's book is a great guide for keeping 'Inspirational Coffers' full to the brim!

Given that "You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life" (ZZ quote)... I wanted to "Make today worth remembering" (ZZ quote) by sharing something that made a notable difference in my own life.

Find the book HERE: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/161415.See_You_at_the_Top

Enjoy success! ~G

Artist to Artist: Your Opinion Matters Most

There are certain phrases that ring eternally true. Like, this one: All are created equal.

But in our 'business' - the business of producing entertainment primarily or entirely with our own resources - opinions certainly don't measure equally.

Opinions from objective Fans, for example, offer value for determining 'resulting' efforts of a composing Artist.

But only other Self-Producing Artists have the kind of opinions that allow them to see through limited production resources.

While we never seek to make excuses for 'results' that come from limited production resources, I would have missed out on too many great Artists... if I judged them solely upon 'finish'.

I've come to discover one of the greatest values of ReverbNation is our community of understanding!

To me, there's nothing better than when a fellow ReverbNation Artist takes time to listen- and then provides honest feedback.

Artist to Artist: it's your opinion that matters most.

This is why I ESPECIALLY THANK each and every Artist in our community. I am honored to be included among you. ~G

Self-Production: Today's musician's digital art form is limitless!

Remember when..? Music we love only came from 'big' studios. Technology changed. Everything changed with it.

Today's musician's digital art form is limitless.

Glenn Campbell discovered the musical freedom of Self-Production in the early 1980's. His new music was recorded like so many tracks are today - at home.

Like so many others, Glenn's studio isn't that 'big'.. but this is music anyone can love.