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Hurricane Release!!

To all Yassir Fans!! It has been a year long journey of development and today Yassir is on the number 1 spot in the UK reverberation chat, scored 98% on Akon's HitLab, Scored 85% on a crowd review of 3000 persons, Had his tracks supported by a collective 40 radio stations, DJs and industry experts plus made the front page of US GLAM Magazine and Reverbnation!

Yassir wanted to thank all of his fans for their support by offering his debut track “Hurricane” as an exclusive free download. Enjoy, Share, Support and look forward to highlights of his next coming single in a couple of weeks.


16 Year Old Yassir Makes a Blast With his Debut Track "Hurricane"

If you have not have heard of Yassir then its time you did!! This 16 year Dutch rapper, singer and song writer rose to fame in 2011 when at the age of 15 he came second in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. His debut Track “Hurricane” by Acclaimed Dutch DJ/Producer Mr.Fonc will be officially released in January 2013. It has already been hailed a number one hit by US Music Giants including the likes of Former president of Universal Music Russ Reagan but also has been inundated for remixes and collaborations from the likes of American Male Super Model, Actor, Presenter and Rapper Sam Sarpong. “This is a great time to be bringing new music to all the vendors in the United States, and we are positioned to move HURRICANE through the clubs and onto the radio” Bill Pfordresher ALCHEMY ENTERTAINMENT