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New information

What's up blessed people!? This year has been great to me.. Okay I'm getting a lot of questions about "How people can support my work for the Lord in this music industry" well I *DO NOT HAVE A GO FUND ME PAGE* so just make all donations to my website www.mogmurvin.com under donations. That will be greatly appreciate. Also you guys constantly getting the word out about what I'm doing helps a lot (Tweets, Facebook post, Instagram post, etc) keep it going. New videos coming very soon, I owe you for the last album. The favorites you all have will become video's soon!. Keep that support coming in for "No Compromise" on iTunes Google Play and arena.com. Anyone who hasn't seen the video, please go check it out on my android app, mogmurvin.com or Youtube.com/mog1979 please SUBSCRIBE. God's love and blessings to you all.

Hello Fam

Let me say that I appreciate all of you for showing love and support to the work the Lord my God is doing with myself and the Label. In the name of Jesus I am praying for you all! As of now we have 9,000+ app downloads, this is a major blessing and has a lot of people / company's looking my way....

We still need help moving cd's and album downloads so tell a friend to check out www.mogmurvin.com or search M.O.G MURVIN on iTunes, Google play, Amazon and others, to pick up my album (or one song) 1 Timothy 6:11-12.... also add my network page's : -instagram @mogmurvin -Facebook.com/mog.murvin.music -Twitter: @mogmurvin