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Norcal Pirate Festival!

We will be performing our original Pirate Rock songs at the Northern California Pirate Festival in Vallejo, CA this coming June 14th, and 15th! We'll be playing two shows each day. So come and wander the promenade and watch the shows! Embrace your inner pirate this Father’s Day Weekend and set sail for the biggest playground for all things pirate! Equal parts Mardi Gras, state fair, living history and pirate fan fest, the Northern California Pirate Festival is celebrating eight years of piratical play with an mproved layout including shade, and a surround sound ship to shore cannon battle. Discover winding lanes of pirate encampments, nautically inspired handcrafts, gourmet foods, hearty ales, swimming mermaids, and four stages of continuous entertainment as well as a dedicated Children’s Area featuring a 30’ foot slide, special shows, contests, and the Children’s School of Piracy for the younger swabs.

So come aboard! Save time and money: Tickets are on sale now! Buy your tickets online, save some cash and avoid waiting in line... http://www.norcalpiratefestival.com/

Ship's Log Aug 2 2013

Where are we? And where are the wenches? Tom is recording with a singer-songwriter and then his Oktoberfest band will keep him busy for a bit. Jana Green— the singer in that band—did come to sing with us a while back but had to step away to rest her voice. We're hoping her throat will recover soon and she will be able to come sing with us again. In the meantime, I've been working a little with Karen Penley, whom I learned about through David Sinaiko. Karen has a theatre/performance art background, sings and plays a little violin and accordion. She gave me an idea for a song " I Dreamed I Was A Mermaid" which I'll post in while.

Thinking about trying to play in Santa Cruz in September if we can find something between Tom's Oktoberfest band dates. We recorded 'Bones' at Artspoke a few weeks ago— Peter was in really fine form that day! Working on overdubs of guitars and vocals at home with Jonathan and hope to have the track ready for Halloween. Happy Dog Days of August to all!