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We now have copies of our album "Smoke Signlas Under Water" for sale ONLY $5! You'll get to hear a crap-ton of tunes that'll make you dance all night til' breakfast! Come to the next show and SNAG one! As always- Thank you all so much for your continued support!


Saturday June 8th will be the first time Def-Kittie BlinDogg performs in their hometown! YOWZA, what took so long? Better late than never- It's going to be a hilarious riot of good tunes at KEO's bar and grill in Mount Pleasant, Iowa June 8th! DKBD will perform with their good buddies THE TREATS and eastern Iowa superheroes PORCH BUILDER! Come snag up a rare release of DKBD's CD "Smoke Signals Under Water" and brag about how easy it was to lose it! Much love to the fans and funky freaks who've shown mad support for our nifty little group! 6/8/13 KEO's Mt. Pleasant, IA ! BE THERE!

A Long Time Comin'!

GREETINGS! DKBD has finally figured out a way to release their album : SMOKE SIGNALS UNDER WATER and would be quite happy to sell it! It's coming! It's COMING! No exact date yet but let's just say it'll make a killer stockin' stuffer! :) Tschuss!

Seasons Change

Howdy ho! DKBD is excited to find more venues and book as many gigs as we can this Fall to bring more pain and silliness to the eastern Iowa area! We're pumped up and fully charged after a rather dry Summer that was full of sopping-wet writing sessions! We've got an album under our belt and the release of Smoke Signals Underwater is just around the corner so stay in touch all you Def-Kittie fans. In Iowa City we plan to continue our tenure with the Gabe's Original Acoustic Showcase each month so you can catch Henry Madison Monroe and Doc Toxic throwing killer tunes and harmonies your way. Of course the jokes are always our treat to you our fans! Stay safe and happy this Fall and if you're a student, study hard and have a great Fall semester! We'll be staying busy, WE PROMISE!