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2008, new album and back on the road

We hope your new year is off to a joyful start. We are so pleased to announce that our new full length album, Take Me Home, is complete! Like our other albums, there is no one way to sum this one up. We are inspired by music from near and far, including Bluegrass, Americana and Country as well as Indian Ragas, Reggae, and Jazz. With an Appalachian voice, we translate these inspirations into our Fiery Mountain Music. And we feel that Take Me Home is the finest representation to date of that Fiery Mountain sound. We are very excited about how the project came together and can't wait to share the songs with you! . For a sneak preview, check out our myspace page: www.myspace.com/thebiscuitburners. . The record will officially be released on March 13th and you can pre-order the record now on-line, in order to have it in your hand by that date. Our first show will be at the Grey Eagle Music Hall, at our hometown of Asheville,NC. Also, that weekend we are happy to be trecking over the mountain to play in Johnson City at The Down Home and dropping into Chattanoogafor a show at the wonderful Barking Legs Theater. The end of the month will have us playing around the southeast, including a spot at Woodsongs Radio Hour in Lexington, KY on March 31. April and May will have us out to the midwest and up through the northeast as well as some more shows in the south, so check our website for updates . We are really so honored to have such an amazing group of friends and fans like yourselves that help keep us on the road. We are proud to be an independent label, Indidog Records. Without the connections and funding of major labels, we depend on folks like yourselves even more. If you like the record, you can help us out a ton. Please call your local radio stations and let them know you want to hear Take Me Home over the radio waves! Let your friends and family know about the music and that it is most readily available on the web. . Hope to see you out this year! Also, check out our tourdates and let folks know when we are heading through a venue near them. . A lot of folks have been asking us for live music and footage. If you have any video footage from last year or recordings, please email them to promo@thebiscuitburners.com and we will make them available for everybody. . We will also be posting photos from fans on our site. So if you have any you would like us to get up there with props to you as the photographer, send them along as well! . Check out our dates below, and stay tuned to our website for more news.

The Jubilee Transport System
The Jubilee Transport System  (about 8 years ago)

come to dallas please will even let yall play on our land

Sept Update

Howdy friends, The cross country / international tour has been going great. Running up the CA coast was so refershing with great shows in Berkeley, Bishop, and at Mtn Sage. Great time in Seattle with Uncle Earl, and British Columbia has been great to us. We took part in some wonderful workshops in Sorrento and Chilliwack was an exceptional time. We are back in the states for Sisters Folk Fest in Sisters, OR, and then we hightail it back to our home region for Bristol Rhythm and Roots fest in Bristol, TN. Last Friday, August 24, we were featured on The History Channel's hit TV show, Our Generation. The episode focused on festivals in America, and the importance Woodstock played on today's music scene. The History Channel sent out a crew to film and interview the band at Bonnaroo. Artists featured in this episode are Richie Havens, Warren Haynes (of Allman Bros), The Biscuit Burners, and John Sebastian. The show will air at 12:30pm EST and 6:30pm EST. We'd like to announce the release of Billy Cardine and Ivan Rosenberg's, The Donkeys. This album features not only the two prolific dobro players, but also Mary Lucey, Dan Bletz, Shannon Whitworth, Jon Stickley, and Darrell Muller of Old School Freight Train. The Donkeys focus on melody, harmony, and exploring the soulful, beautiful sound of the Dobro in new musical contexts. You can pick this album up at www.thebiscuitburners.com. Mary Lucey is featured in the August edition of Bluegrass Now! The article titled "Biology, Biscuits, and Bear, Oh My!" highlights Mary as one of the prominient female bass players touring today.