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Enda is truly an amazing artist! It only takes one introduction to Enda to know he is one of the most gifted, optimistic and unassuming new spirits in music! His songs portray a warmth and honesty possessed by few others. On stage is where Enda really comes alive. His ability to connect with his audience is second to none, and the ease with which he delivers his craft is near perfection. Tracks from Enda’s new release, entitled “The Bridge”, are about to be featured on the premier episode of MTV’’s upcoming new show, “The Muse”! Taking a quick look back, Enda grew up in the small village of Owning in County Kilkenny, on the east coast of Ireland. Enda’s love for music began on his tenth birthday when given his first guitar. By the age of sixteen, Enda was playing many local talent shows and performing with the Carrick on Suir Operatic Society. Enda left high school after being told that music would just be a “hobby", and that he should pursue a career in woodworking. He began performing throughout the Irish countryside by night, while working ten-hour shifts in the cabbage fields by day. One evening, an American businessman and his wife watched Enda perform, and made him a life-altering proposal: they offered Enda a full scholarship to the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in Virginia. This was an offer he could not refuse. Enda pursued his education with great passion, making the most of this rare opportunity. After graduation, Enda continued to write and perform his original music, until later joining the band Surrey Lane. Their single “Some Days” was a Top 100 hit on the AC charts. They were also featured on ABC Radio who gave notice to their 9/11 tribute-song “Love Must Grow.” In November 2005, Enda left Surrey Lane to pursue his solo career, signing a production deal with L.A. based producer Peter Stengaard. Peter is best known for his incredible production talent and artist credits (Natasha Bedingfield, Joss Stone, Billy Ray Cyrus) and work with industry leaders (Diane Warren, Carole Bayer Sager). Peter says: "Enda is a rare talent, one of those unpolished diamonds you quickly realize you need not polish, because it’s already shining"! Enda Keegan recently toured nationwide on the American Idol 2007-08 season (“Rock Your Style Stage”) alongside Constantine Maroulis, performing for thousands of new fans. Enda divides his time between Los Angeles and New York City and performs often in both cities. With his upcoming release, “The Bridge”, Enda has created a stellar record with endless crossover appeal. The Bridge features a mix of originals and traditional Irish songs, each coming from the heart and telling their unique story. Recorded at Outloud Audio Studios in NYC, “The Bridge” has something for everyone, including the tender “New York City Morning” to the traditional upbeat pulse of “Banks of the Roses”, to the anthemic, “One Of These Days”. The record itself features a multitude of guest artists; Brian O’Neil (Pat McGee band, Speir Mor’s), Margaret Kelly (Cats, Les Miserables), Mave Price (performed with Clay Aiken) Phillip Payton (New World Symphony), Christopher Layer (The National Symphony), and incredible R & B vocalist Deshai Williams, making for a diverse, smart and compelling work of art. Enda will be touring Ireland in June and July of 2008, and returning to tour the US in late 2008 into 2009. For more information, visit www.endakeegan.com or www.myspace.com/endakeegan or OneTreeEntertainment.com. Enda is living out his childhood dreams and loving every minute of it!

The Lyrics

New York City Morning With every breath I breathe with you When I awake I reach for you I will hold you close, Never let you go It's cold outside the city wakes And the distent sound of busy streets Were safe and warm inside if only for a while On a New York City Morning The start of something new The sunrise over Harlem I'm liying here discovering you You toss and turn and look my way You smile at me that's how I like to start my day The journey has just begun How far we have come On a New York City Morning The start of something new The sunrise over Harlem I'm liying here discovering you Right outside the window into the great unknown Living out their lives are a million other souls We've got a little time now close your eyes go back to sleep Cus the only thing that matters is that you are here with me On a New York City Morning The start of something new The sunrise over Harlem I'm liying here discovering you ******************** Mary & The Soldier Come all you lads of high renown That would hear of a fair young maiden And she roved out on a summer's day For to view the soldiers parading They marched so bold and they looked so gay Their colours flying and the bands did play And it caused young Mary for to say "I'll wed you me my gallant soldier" She viewed the soldiers on parade And as they stood at their leisure And Mary to herself did say: "At last I've found my treasure But oh how cruel my parents must be To banish my true love away from me Well I'll leave them all and I'll go with thee My bold undaunted soldier" "Oh Mary dear, your parents' love I pray don't be unruly For when you're in a foreign land, Believe me you'll rue it surely Perhaps in battle I might fall From a shot from an angry cannonball And you so far from your daddy's hall Be advised by a gallant soldier." "Oh I have fifty guineas in bright gold, Likewise a heart that's bolder And I'd leave them all and I'll go with you My bold undaunted soldier So don't say no but let me go And I will face the daring foe And we'll march together to and fro And I'll wed you, my gallant soldier" And when he saw her loyalty And Mary so true-hearted He said: "My darling, married we'll be And nothing but death will part us And when we're in a foreign land I'll guard you, darling, with my right hand In hopes that God might stand a friend To Mary and her gallant soldier" ******************* The Water Is Wide The water is wide, I can't cross over and neither I have wings to fly give me a boat that can carry two and both shall row - my love and I Now love is gentle, and love is kind the sweetest flower when first it's new but love grows old, and waxes cold and fades away like morning dew There is a ship, she sails the sea she's loaded deep as deep can be but not as deep as the love I'm in I know not how I sink or swim The water is wide, I can't cross over and neither I have wings to fly give me a boat that can carry two and both shall row - my love and I and both shall row - my love and I

Welcome to my blog

Hey Everyone So I wanted to let people know what's going and moving forward. A few months ago I signed with One Tree Management. It been so great having a company that really believes in the music and wants nothing but the best fro me.

Also as most of you know the new album is now finished and available. This will be my first solo album. I wanted to create something that shared my love for Irish music as much as the folk / pop that I play. I will post again soon.