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Thanks to all for your support! New tunes coming soon. Almost ready to hit the studio for "real" recordings instead of the basement versions!

tune time

new tunes coming fast and furious. Check out r site daily to hear the latest Tone Lord

need yer help!!!

Applied for a grant to record our next album. Hit that play button often and help us get the quality recordings you all deserve to hear. Free downloads for all likers and current fans. Thanks for yer help!!!

1973 was such a great year

Working over 1973. Great song , great year. New mix coming reeeeeel soon.

new tune comin

stayed tuned

studio time

Headin in to a friends studio thursday night. Songs should be up by 1-2 am central. check out the awesome job done by Matt and Devon. Great guys to work with. Look for more from...STUPID EPIC HEAVY RECORDS LTD INC


New member....Kyle!!!!! New songs a comin quick. "Mainstreet" demo up already, three more tunes by Jan. 15th

They just keep comin!!!

Hot new songs up. Take em for a spin!!!!

holy shit!!!

Two more songs put up. EPIC!!! check em out people!!!!

rockin out

Good to be back in the jam garage. New tunes a re coming and re-recordings of great songs done on an old system that just didn't represent the quality we want you to hear. Oh it will be EPIC!!!!!