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Big D's Tribute to Trayvon Martin

By: LaCheston Moore

We all posses a genuine yet unique talent of how one would like or can express oneself. It may be that we like to sing, we like to write, or we like to dance. Whatever it maybe, we all posses something that allows us to express ourselves by more than simply speaking words.

The verdict of the “Trayvon Martin” case was shocker to the world. An overall decision that triggered a number of protests, social media postings, and celebrities expressing themselves about justice. Yes, it is safe to say that “Violence” is an all-together problem in the United States. However, at the same time, there’s violence like the “Trayvon Martin” case that will always and forever stand out more than others.

One of many people touched by the verdict that took place a couple days ago was up and coming Hip-Hop artist from Birmingham, Alabama Darius “Big D” Dowdell. He took it among himself to express his feelings about Trayvon’s family and what they maybe undergoing after losing their love one by making Trayvon a song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrVPmI1j-n8).

The song has its point where you can hear the pain in Darius’s voice. But pain doesn't last always, as he soothes the song over with his voice, hoping to reach out to as many people as possible that we all have to do better as people.

Darius comes from a family that shares a mutual and strong belief in Christ. Though we cannot change the world single-handedly, Darius amongst his loving family send prayers and hope of relief to Trayvon’s family.

We hope that everyone receives the message that is displayed through Darius's talent and that we all try to continue growing as people and better ourselves.

Controversy and Big D Set to Open Up for 8-Ball & MJG & Pastor Troy

By: LaCheston Moore

A voice that anyone in state of Alabama would know; But mostly in the cities of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. She provides us with an adlive like, "Ooooooo" that captures every ones attention over the air of 95.7 Jamz. The disc jockey known as Mz. Katt issued a challenge over the radio that got a lot of independent artist fired up about the opportunity to open up for Platinum artist 8-Ball & MJG, and the illustrious Pastor Troy.

Mz. Katt the founder and president of AlabamaNow, a group of radio executives that are dedicated to promoting and marketing Alabama talent, knew that this was another chance for someone to be heard.

Mz. Katt made the challenge very simply, post your picture on "The Cypher" fan-page on Facebook and let your fans go to work for you. The artist with the most "likes" will win the challenge.

With the deadline set only two days away. Each and every artist that posted to "The Cypher" had there hands full. The time for promoting and getting people to log on to Facebook was limited. "The Cypher" challenge would not only give you a chance to perform, but it would also illustrate the type of fan-base/loyalty that each artist had.

One of those artist to hit "The Cypher" fan page was iPubNow's own Controversy and Big D. This group could easily be perceived as the next big thing to make Alabama known, as the group and iPubNow geared themselves towards building a small campaign to attempt and win this chance to perform.

iPubNow, a company geared towards advertising and marketing for various artists, models, and disc jockeys, joined forces with the dynamic duo known as Controversy and Big D and immediately started touching basis with everyone we knew.

After the first night of campaigning, Mz. Katt updates everyone by revealing that Controversy and Big D were down two votes behind Tony Betts. The group and iPubNow immediately goes ahead and reaches out to more of its audience as things prevail and Controversy and Big D brought home the victory. Controversy and Big D are hoping for this to be the beginning of a journey to open up other opportunities for them. They will soon begin promoting their next mixtape "Lyrical Healing Reloaded" to be launched next month along with the official music video for their hit single "Put It Down". They are asking for all fans to be on the look out for this project.

Special thanks to be extended to Mz. Katt, AlabamaNow, and 95.7 Jamz for providing an opportunity to independent artist in Alabama. Also to Firehouse Productions for hosting an event that started it all.



By: LaCheston Moore

“Shawty where you headed tonight?” a popular line within the hit single “Tear it Up” by Controversy and Big D, but also a common phrase in which we have all used at some point in time. One could safely say that with these catchy tag-lines and soothing, yet bouncy music, that they possess the formula for success as their music can move any crowd.

Controversy and Big D capture words such as, “soothing, fun, sexy, and mind provoking” when describing their music to iPubNow. When considering the ideal audience in which the group chooses to target, they would like to win the hearts and minds of the younger-college crowd. After seeing an exhilarating performance at a local sports bar in Birmingham, Alabama, one would find themselves placing bets on when this group will take off. Energy, they got that; Hype, they got that; Fans, they got that, as I seen them bring in a number of people with them just for their performance that night. The vibe that was created when Controversy and Big D hit the stage is one that you will find yourself bobbing your head and singing too; and you have to mention dancing. From authenticating their own dance moves, to singing to the young ladies on the front rows of their shows. These young cats may have what it takes to take their music to the next level.

iPubNow finally caught up with Controversy and Big D as they have been hitting the studio hard and making videos for their newly released mixtape Lyrical Healing (http://controversybigd.bandcamp.com/album/lyrical-healing). The mixtape features their highly favored Tear it Up, Ride Wit Me, Put It On Me, and I Must Be The Man. Some of these tracks do have official music videos that can be viewed on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce09DaQF5H0).

When trying to categorize these young gentlemen, you might find yourself going in circles. Controversy and Big D told iPubNow that they, “wish to crossover into all genres. Creating a sound that is like none other in the industry.”

With Controversy and Big D favorite rappers being Eminem and Tupac; and their favorite R&B singers Musiq Soulchild and Sisqo. One could probably see that they like to mix it up and see what it is that they can produce without mimicking anyone in the industry at all. The group goes on to state that, “we use no one’s music or style when writing and if we sample anything, its soul music that we produce newly upscale beats to.” Controversy and Big D drive speaks for itself. Within the next year or so, their goals are to be interviewing and discussing longevity with major record labels. They are also geared towards ensuring that their music is heard nationwide.

So in conclusion, on behalf of Controversy and Big D, from iPubNow, “We finna tear it up”.

Twitter: Controversy: @Im_Controversy Big D: @BigD_Niggas LaCheston: @LaCheston