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Passion, Employment, and Imogen Heap...

Hey Yo. I posted some new photos taken by my friend's Harry and Karan Simpson... live studio shots from the sessions and making of "Honest Words." Also revamped the MySpace page and gave it a serious facelift. Go check it out!

In other news, I wanted to share an experience with you. Last Saturday I got to see Imogen Heap at the Ryman in Nashville. I've been a fan of hers for a while, and obsessively so for the last 6 months! I find her to be such a compelling artist. Her melodic sensibility, fearless vocal inflection, and production completely captivate me. Anyway, I had no idea what to expect. It's such a different world to perform electronic based music live... and I had never seen her before.

[deep breath]

I spent the entire show jaw-dropped. I felt like I was in a mad scientist's laboratory witnessing the creation of the cure for cancer. Her passion and wealth of emotion bulldozed me in the best way. It was like watching someone building a skyscraper from the ground up in 90 minutes. The precision of the construction of these sonic structures was unlike anything I've ever seen.

Bottom line, I fall in love with music over and over again. I am moved by its power. I can't imagine life without it. I aspire to connect with people on that same level. It will take a lifetime of dedication, and a lifetime is what I am willing to commit to it. I'm not looking to be a splash in the pond, or to have my five minutes of fame... I want to create a career that has longevity. I'm so fortunate to have my passion be my employment, and I never forget it. Music comes from my heart, my roots, my soul, and if I reach someone on this same level, even if only once in my life... I will have accomplished what I have set out to do.



One Horse
One Horse  (almost 7 years ago)

What you did Saturday at the Southgate House had a similar effect on I'd guess damn near everybody in the room. I'm practically a middle aged man for Christ sake (shh! don't tell anybody), so I'm not one to gush like a school girl falling in love with Milli and/or Vanilli (God rest his soul and praise the baby Jesus), but my wife and I were completely gobsmacked (and we're not even from the British Isles). You are about 3 minutes from taking over the whole God-damned place!! I'm a musician too, and there is no better motivation for me than seeing somebody really really doing it (that would be you!) (though sometimes it makes you want to pack it in- "well, fuck it,I'll never beat that"!!).I bought your record and have listened 3 or 4 times since, and rest assured, you have made it!There were a few songs you played at the show,if memory serves correctly, that aren't on the album, and all I can say is "when's the next record?" Twas indeed a happy accident.

The whole truth... nothing but the truth

Hey hey! It's been a while since you've had an update, and it's about damn time!

[hope you're ready for the long-winded version] I've offered up tidbits here and there, but I figure I'll just give you the full story.

Late last Fall I played a showcase at my favorite Nashville club, the Basement... it was November 12th. The show was set up to play for Rykodisc's Head of A&R, Ruby. My super fantastic BMI rep and another friend from Warner Bros. had turned Ruby on to my music and she was coming down to see if I could really pull it off live. So, I played my version of Rock and Roll and Ruby really liked it. We went for brunch the next morning at the Hutton Hotel (I think I had Lox and an Everything Bagel... good for conversation right?) and I immediately felt connected on account of our similar passion for music. I don't think it is as common anymore to have the head of any label truly be dedicated to songs and music... I know that seems ridiculous, but it is true, a lot of the time these talking heads are just business folk. Anyway, I left our three hour brunch extravaganza feeling ambitious. One week later I was autographing some paperwork, and just a few weeks after that I was in the studio recording a new record.

Now for some background on who I hooked up with to do the recording. My manager, Rocky, has quite the resume. He was a radio guy for a long time at Columbia in the Big Apple, and still works with James Taylor and Elvis Costello (just to name a couple). It is an honor every day to be amongst such powerhouse artists on his roster and pretty much a dream come true. Earlier in the year I had been speed-dating with Producers and tried a few songs out with Dave O'donnell. He has worked on the last few James Taylor records and Rocky suggest we give each other a shot. I was so happy with the way things had turned out with Dave in the Spring sessions in 09' and couldn't wait to do a full length record. So, after signing up with Rykodisc, Dave and I and the band went into the studio to get things started. It was during December of 09' and January of 2010' that I recorded my new record. December sessions were here in Nashville with the band at Paul Moak's place, and January in NYC at Time Square Recording. I carried around a little flip camera and caught some hilarious moments to share with you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWj9NV_y8T8

The record is completely mixed and mastered, artwork is about a day or two from being done, and then we'll send it of for reproduction! I will also be releasing a digital EP in the next month or two prior to the full length release of "Honest Words" on August 17th. I want to share the track list for the record with you... this isn't the order though (gotta keep some secrets). I posted a handful of tracks from the record as well as some upcoming shows.

Addiction Do Right Drifting Driveway Honest Words Lonely Tonight Oh My Love Pick Up The Phone Shiver Things Change Wasted Wreck

Crazy eh? I am so excited and proud of the album and can't wait to get it out! I've been touring a bit with Amos Lee, Alejandro Escovedo, and Matt Nathanson... and a little bit on my own as well. In the next couple of weeks we'll be adding more tour dates, so check back. Also posted: new pictures from my photo-shoot for the record. Angela Kohler took them, and she is freakin' fabulous.

Alright, so that's the update. I hope my A.D.D. style of delivery wasn't too hard to follow! I want to thank you SO much for your support over the past year or two and ask that you stick with me... each and every passing of the word means everything to me. Keep in touch and get ready for the release!



Nov. 14 &15 Finish out the year...

This Friday, Nov. 14th at 3rd and Lindsley I'll be performing with Joey Degraw from NYC! Really looking forward to the show... and the surprise start of the show! Show starts at 10PM so maybe come at 9:30...

Saturday, Nov. 15th I'm heading up to East Tennessee to play a show at one of my favorite venues in Johnson City, TN... The Down Home. This is a co-bill with Shannon Whitworth and we'll kick the night off around 9PM. You can purchase tickets in advance by calling the Down Home. 423-929-9822

These two shows will finish out the year for me and the band... making plenty of time to write, record, and get a whole lot of new music ready for next year. Plan to attend one of these shows if you are interested in the following:

a. you love me b. you love my band c. you love joey degraw or shannon whitworth d. you have "nothing else to do" e. all of the above

---- I look forward to catching up with everyone at these couple of shows, as I will not be seeing you until NEXT YEAR! Woo hoo! Thank you so much for the support... I can't wait for this weekend and next year's musical fantasticness.