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"Crazy" DJ Shaymez's Dubstep Micro Mix!

DubStep: Formation - Crazy (Dubstep Micro Mix) Bonus track on the forthcoming Dubstep: Formation EP which will e available later this year. The EP was scheduled for release in November 2013 but has been postponed due to distribution issues. The EP will be available to download for free & also available to buy on ReverbNation with all profits going to charity. "Crazy" Just a little taster in whats to come! http://www.paradosrecords.com

"Virgo re-release"

DubStep: Formation - Virgo (Original Mix) is going to be re-released on the EP in November. The original release is only available on iTunes until the end of October 2013. Possible remix who knows! Check out twitter for updates on the EP http://twitter.com/shaymez

"DubStep: Formation: EP Set For Release?"

DubStep: Formation is out 8.11.13 but it's going to be tuff! "I've been working hard to try & get these tracks done but I'm too much of a perfectionist! This EP is going to be the first professionally recorded production & I don't want to let my fans down!" The EP is still in production & artwork is still yet to be finalised. To keep up to date check out the twitter page http://twitter.com/shaymez or visit http://www.paradosrecords.com

"DubStep: Formation" (Single Release) "Virgo"

"DubStep: Formation" EP will be epic & what a track to promote it! "Virgo" the original dubstep track from DJ Shaymez OUT NOW. iTunes: link:https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/virgo/id617010009?i=617010015

"Renaiso" (EP) DJ Shaymez

"Renaiso" EP is contemporary electronic with a hint of Trance, Ambient, DubAmbient & Drum & Bass