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Leaving An Old Friend.

Today my father sat down for dinner and announced that he's gonna sell his cruiser motorcycle,a yellow and black Honda Magna. I almost choked with my water... He said that we'll need that money. Fuckin' Greek economic crisis and stuff... I got up from the table with tears in my eyes. My father has always been a rider,he worked since he was fifteen years old to have his first motorcycle. He grew a strong bonding with bikes,rather than cars,n' he passed that to me. Some day in middle 80's he saw a picture with a Honda Magna. He has been dreaming of having that bike since then,n' finally bought it in my first birthday. I literally grew up ridind with him on Yellowblack (that's what we called her). My mother was always afraid to drive with him,but I couldn't help but love it. One summer,when I was five,he took me for a long ride along the beach of Nerantza,n' he talked about his love of riding,how special that bike was to him,promised to teach me how to ride n' grand the bike to me one day. That bike created a strong bonding between young me n' my father back then that is long lost now,but that motorcycle has great value to me since then. I used to sit on her as a kid,pretendin' I'm riding,dreaming to cruise the world with Yellowblack,through mountains n' small towns,working for gas money... I just sat on the black leather back,fondling the helm for one of the last times,thinking about working through college n' double-working in summer vacation. Maybe when I'm done n' have saved enough money,I manage to get her back.

New Generation Walk-on Hard Rockers,#2

Dream time over. There's a big chance that the 90% of your friends who were "big time excited" to get you stood up right before the concert. Why...?? Because: a) They haven't got money: Lie. They seem to have a boundless source of money when moving around exclusively with taxis,when drinking like fish,spending about 50E in a single night at rock bars,buy a new iphone every year,go shopping for heavy metal merch every week. They only haven't got 20/30E spare to go to a concert,or 10E to buy a vinyl disc. Are you kidding kids?? b) They don't like the playlist: Even the fact that they search for the playlist online to decide if they want to go to a gig,is a fact that those dudes should be ashamed of. They either wanna check the song lyrics because they only know two or three -that are hits- and don't wanna make a fool of themselves by not knowing a song at the show,or they wanna see their mega radio hit among them to decide whether they are attending or not. (e.g."Uhhh Bon Jovi won't play 'Have A Nice Day',I'm not going...") First of all,why listening ONLY the radio hits??? Seriously. Even on youtube or torrent if you don't wanna buy CDs or discs,but DO further research than that!!! That's the magic of listening to music. That's the way they did it when there were no torrents,and guess what! THAT music was the essential authentic hard rock. c) They're not exactly into that band: What??? Then why all the fuzz about the band coming in first place? Why go and post their songs on facebook/twitter/msn/myspace/whatever and shout out that you are dying to go??? Probably it's all for show; to get people thinking you're a badass hard rocker/metalhead. Good job,e-music fan. Keep living your life via the web. d)They can't stand "the crazy crowd at gigs": Ok,I understand that this could be a problem for the younger kids.. But what excuse do the 20-yr olds who claim to be hellraisers and then complain about moshpits,have? You're gonna push and be pushed,hit and be hit,and yes,they are going to mess your hair and shoes!! That's the spirit. Go to the logge if you don't like it,but you're ain't gonna "experience" the concert that way. In conclusion,rock n' roll IS about raising hell and having a blast. As simply as that. Why do you want others to 'stick' on you the tag of Hard Rocker if you're not attending a local hard rock gig,an album release event at a rock bar,and,at last,an oldschool band's concert? And to clear something up.. By "new generation" in the title I don't mean that I am a badass hard rock veteran or something,and everyone slightly younger is "the new generation". I am a part of the new generation,of course,and that's why I get to be disappointed by some of us.

New Generation Walk-on Hard Rockers,#1

You're back after holidays,happy to have a few Big City Nights left before job/school duties.Among other internet activities you check your favorite online pages for the upcoming shows of the winter. Out for a drink,a classic line between you and your friends is "Hey,I bet you're in for the ___ gig,right??" or "Dude,heard what band is coming? It's the ___ !!! Ain't gonna miss that..",sometimes followed by the 2nd cliché.. Going up to the DJ n' shout "Hey dude,crank in some ___!!! It's gonna be a helluvatime at their gig!!!". Then everybody sings at the top of their lungs the mega-hit chorus,raising their drinks in the air during the guitar solos etc etc. You couldn't be happier,because you really won't miss that concert. In your head,you're playing a scene that seems taken from a cult 80's hard rock video clip that includes you,friends,bandmates,maybe a bunch of other people you met outside the venue,hanging out on the pavement together,drinking,discussing about bands and albums,when the doors open you all just get up,rush your way to the front line.... So here comes the show date. You begin your day playing some vinyls,or maybe decide what to wear,or where you'll go after the show,or if you're all getting there really early to catch the band bus outside the venue and have a word with the band,and some autographs...