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Heather Nova

Heather Nova is just one of the many great artists featured on Lennon Bermuda.


Lennon Bermuda Book

“It was while on one of his visits to the Botanical Gardens that Lennon came across the Double Fantasy freesia sign. He was enchanted by the name and would use it as the title for his final album later that year …Recounting the story during an interview …Lennon said I was taking Sean and the nanny to the Botanical Gardens for lunch to an Italian restaurant. I could get an espresso and Sean could get some junk food. I was just walking in and I looked down and it said, ‘Freesia, Double Fantasy’ and it was some flowers.” – Experience the riveting story of Lennon Bermuda by picking up a copy of the book priced at $29.99.


Soda - "God"

Check out Soda’s video for “God” shot using an iPhone 4.


Biggie Irie - Woman

Take a listen to Biggie Irie’s cover of John Lennon’s “Woman”.


McCartney K

Look for McCartney K's cover of "Grow Old With Me" on Lennon Bermuda. https://soundcloud.com/bermudalennontribute/grow-old-with-me-sample

Lennon Bermuda Book

“The voyage to Bermuda was proving to be anything but plain sailing. On the night of June 6 a storm that was to last the best part of three days began to rock the boat. The winds and choppy seas intensified. The storm that was brewing was to surprise even the ocean-experienced Capt’n Hank.” – An excerpt taken from the Lennon Bermuda Book. This book is a must-have for any John Lennon fan. Buy it now at the special holiday promotional price of $29.99! http://www.doublefantasybermuda.com/shop/


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"Tight As" - Rocky & The Natives

Preview “Tight As” by Rocky & The Natives.


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Follow Heather Nova, one of the many super talented musicians we’ve assembled for the Lennon Bermuda Tribute. #FollowFriday @Nova_says

Lennon Bermuda Book Passage

“One of the first Bermudians to discover that Lennon was on the island was estate agent Donna Bennett – although all she knew for sure was that the visitor was someone particularly important and his name was John Greene. The request was nothing unusual. Bennett was used to dealing with high-flying clientele, rich and famous individuals who often requested a degree of anonymity.” – An excerpt from the Lennon Bermuda Book available now at www.doublefantasybermuda.com/shop.