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"Borrowed Time"

Preview “Borrowed Time” by Errol Reid here!


Box Set Holiday Promotional Price

The Lennon Bermuda Limited Edition Box Set is now priced at $60. At this special holiday promotional price you receive 32 tracks on 2CDs and the 120-page Lennon Bermuda Book. Don't miss your chance to pick your copy and experience the story of John Lennon and Bermuda!



John Lennon only performed two Beatles songs in concert after the group broke up. One was “Come Together” at Madison Square Garden in 1972. The other was performed with Sir Elton John. Can you name the song?

Paper Cutouts

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Lennon Bermuda Book

“Double Fantasy was titled after the name of a flower Lennon came across while visiting Bermuda’s Botanical Gardens. As he was strolling through the 36-acre park, he looked down and saw the name “Freesia Double Fantasy.” – A passage from the Lennon Bermuda Book. Purchase the book here. www.doublefantasybermuda.com/shop.

Jealous Guy

John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” became a British number one single for Roxy Music in 1981. The band’s lead singer, Bryan Ferry, later performed it at the Live Aid Concert in 1985. Bryan recorded a version of “Jealous Guy” for Lennon Bermuda. Sample the song on SoundCloud.


How I Won the War

45 years ago today Rolling Stone published its first issue. The first cover featured John Lennon in the film 'How I Won the War'. Lennon has been featured on the cover more than any other artist. And coming soon the John Letters App. Check it out!


Follow Friday

@PCarrack Thank you to Paul for his contributions to our Lennon Bermuda Tribute. Look for his cover of The Beatles song “Girl” on the CD. #FollowFriday

The Untold Story

“Sounds and imagery from Bermuda can be heard in a number of the songs on the Double Fantasy and the Mike and Honey albums. There is the gentle lapping of waves on a beach in the track “Beautiful Boy,” which also features the sound of the steel drums and points to his voyage Bermuda as Lennon sings, “Out on the ocean, sailing away.” His frustration at not being able to reach Yoko by telephone from Bermuda was genesis for “I’m Losing You,” while “Watching The Wheels” appears to have been inspired in part by an encounter inside a Hamilton disco.” - Taken from our Lennon Bermuda Book. Buy the book and the CDs on our shop.


Box Set

Lennon Bermuda is available online! Experience the untold story of John Lennon and his relationship with Bermuda by purchasing the Box Set, which includes 32 tracks on 2CDs, the Lennon Bermuda Book and rare packaging.