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“… Nordic Fury, the brainchild of lead singer and composer Karel Ullner. This young musician, who has recorded with the likes of Peter Calo of Carly Simon fame, has released an EP titled "You've Seen Nothing Yet!" recorded at New York's prestigious Avatar Studios. Karel and his musicians performed original songs with an energy and comfort on stage not seen in many young performers. The set closed with a cover of nu metal band Korn's 1998 throwback "Freak on a Leash", Ullner nailing Jonathan Davis' lyrical styling, down to the nonsensical, borderline scat, vocal bridge. If the difference between making it in the music industry and failing is sheer dedication and persistence, Karel Ullner is sure to be a household name in just a few years.” Wednesday, 08 May 2013 15:32 by Evan Scott (Scarsdale 10583.com)