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Debut- Album "Alternativlos" out now

IOFL`s Debut is released by Electro Arc now and aviable on all the Download- stores like I-Tunes, amazon, musicload etc. etc. http://www.amazon.de/Alternativlos-Invasion-Female-Logic/dp/B00K6ELXBA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1403190870&sr=8-1&keywords=invasion+of+female+logic Tracklist: 01 Trendsetter 02 Big Fish 03 Our Monsters 04 Big Brother 05 Ordnung Muss Sein 06 Chains 07 Face to Face (feat. Hierophon) 08 Frontfrau 09 Shadow World 10 Soulsister 11 Two Kings Childs 12 It's Time 13 Enemy Contact

"Soulsister"- Ul2raViolet Remix

the Rmx of "Soulsister" from Ul2raViolet - Andrew Manning https://soundcloud.com/ul2raviolet/soul-sister-ul2raviolet-remix

THE X - Invasion Of Female Logic

The X - means Luca Ascari from Italy - does two very special mixes of songs from IOFL... Listen and enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/thexpleasure/falsche-freunde-the-x-invasion https://soundcloud.com/thexpleasure/soul-sister-the-x-invasion-of