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I WON'T fan you back if

I won't fan you back if you use the "F" word, the "B" word, show too much skin, or promote any kind of substance abuse. Also if you use graphic images of violence or anything demonic. It is not my job to censor other artists, but I will not support (actively or passively) things that demean other people. Art is about the human condition in all of it's variations. Art (in all it's shades and moods) is for the betterment of society and the enlightenment of individuals. That struggle is often dark, and needs to be portrayed at times. But, there is a difference between telling of the darkness, conquering the darkness, and promoting the darkness to profit from it. I wish everyone success in their "enlightened" artistic journey. Pablo Casals said in his book JOYS AND SORROWS " A bad person can not make good music". Comments are welcome.

Music in a Blender.

Maybe my brain works in slow motion. I am not the fastest guitar player. but I didn't know that was the point of art, to be fast. I enjoy melody and harmony juxtaposed against each other. Imagine sounds as flavors. Lets say we have a nice porter house steak, garlic mashed potatoes, a side of sweetly buttered snow peas, with death by chocolate topped with vanilla ice cream for desert. Savor every smell, enjoy every taste. Now put it in a blender, till it is murky brown. Same ingredients, right ? There is a place for shredding and speed for intensity, but constant shredding does not strike me as the most musical way to pass the time in a show, if it is not balanced with other musical techniques. I enjoy hearing different modes, imaginative rhythms, different tonal colors, good voice leading, and a great melody etc., all before shredding.

Guitar Stuff

When I e-mail one of my guitar buddies, I usually put "Guitar Stuff" as the title. So, how does this blog thing work? I don't know if it only goes out, or can someone else add to the dialog coming in. We will find out. I do know this, guitar players like to talk about what they do. I work on guitars, I teach guitar, I play solo gigs, I play pretty regularly in a Praise band. I enjoy writing music and improvising. I like to talk about guitars and music. So lets start general and see what happens. For example, Be sure to check out the March issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine. On the cover is a guitar called a Saddle Pal made by Chris Jenkins. Chris is an amazing guitar builder. Every guitar he builds is an individual work of art. I just played one of his latest creations. He works here in Arlington, and we have crossed paths quite a few times. He comes in my shop from time to time. We are "planning" on recording a few of my pieces on one of his guitars to put on his website. If that happens, I may put them up to hear the difference between steel and nylon strings as it relates to the compositions. So, any thoughts or questions? Lets see how this works. Looking forward to a dialog.


Joe Compagna
Joe Compagna  (about 5 years ago)

Hi Don! Great music! I really like what you're doing here!

Don Simpson, classical guitarist
Don Simpson, classical guitarist  (about 5 years ago)

A thread or string of connections. The guy who bought Chris's last Saddle Pal guitar had an old string bass that needed to be reconstructed as it was nearly 100 years old. Chris recommended me for the job. The bass is in my shop now. I lifted off the top and am currently doing some extensive crack work as I rebuild it.
One customer leads to another.