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Weeknights are good for sing alongs

….and that's what you're invited to do if you decide to come out to see us at the Blue Note! I see the impossible occurring: summer is coming to an end. I want us all to send it out on a good, energetic and "up" note. The gigs in Minneapolis were insane! So much encouraging energy, so many folks just ready to lose/find themselves in a harmonious escape. I swear; good food, good music and good company are not too shabby a way to pass my time.

Furthermore, I would like to thank those of you who had a chance to come to the country club hills show. I was left with my mouth agog when some folks informed me they had driven all the way from Toronto. Sheesh! That's an early b-day present!

There will be a little, or should I say, big treat at the NYC shows. I am feeling proud and honored to share it with it. You can probably guess what it is, but I'm not gonna be the one that spills the beans!

I really wanna thank those of you who sent the ice cream alternatives. I felt so understood! I ended up just getting coconut milk yogurt instead, cuz I do not trust myself with a pint of anything icy and sweet. The irony is that, since I started with an acupuncturist who also uses traditional Chinese medicine, I can eat eggs again! Someone once told me their allergies had vanished after having Chinese herbs prescribed to them, and now it seems to have worked with one of mine. I love my practitioner so much, I invited her to my upcoming gigs, and if she comes I will introduce her to you all.

Okay dokey shmokey. I'm gonna go do some smile therapy in the mirror. Life is getting good.

Summer sweet corn smiles to you, A to the m to the e to the l

Upcoming show: The Blue Note August 26-27, 2008 www. bluenote. net 212-475-8592