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gAlen lAmar dAvis "The Book" God's Last deCiple

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gAlen lAmar dAvis

god's last deCiple -//- Old Testament Based on a True Story...


Look! he is Coming with the Clouds, and every eye will see him, including those who pierced him. And all the families of the Earth will Mourn Him. This is certain! Amen! Revelations 1:7 8

Introduction..God's Last deCiple

*Introduction-The Birth of The deCiple* I was born on August 11 1980, in, Cleveland County, Shelby North Carolina.At around 6 Pounds, my birth name, given by my father, gAlen lAmar dAvis. I've carried it the whole twenty seven years of my life. I've been called a few other names. Mostly, i go by Aka g-money.They say i didn't cry when i was born.Guess that was the Thug in Me. My mother Brenda Lynn Cochran. Father, Donald Wayne Davis. I had one sister at that time. Her name was Jamie Lynn Davis. This here, is the story of my Pain,Joy,Love,and Heartbreaks. The Story of my conflicts with God and with myself. Few will say that the events and Truths in these words are wrong....that they are a false. This isn't a Fairytale. This is Shelby N.C. (Shelltown)... This is My Truth My Life. Things, thoughts, and people who made me -n- break'd Me,it all, lays within these words.Through it all, i still Have Heart and Soul. I thank God for that. I thank God Daily. This is the beggining of The Story of My Life. The Old, the middle, and My New Testomony. "My Life". Camps Creek Soldier... *One*