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Recording Studio Bound

Mad Margritt will be headed in the studio in 2012 and look to release the cd by Christmas.

Mad Margritt Shooting New Video To "Don't Say A Word"

Stay tuned right here on where to catch the video. Loaded Gun is already getting air play on Rocknation TV that is aired in over 240 cities.

Eddie Smith 2nd chance in life

Those of you who have known the band for many years know Eddie well and what kind of person he is. Eddie is calm, caring, compassionate, funny, loving and passionate about so many things, truly one of a kind. Well we are coming up on his 1 year anniversary when he was in a horrific accident on Oct 4th a year ago. A day that he and his family will never forget. Eddie was involved in a rollover accident when he was touring with another group filling in on bass guitar. Eddie has always helped out friends in need and this was no different. On their way home the van was involved in a rollover and all 4 guys were injured. Eddie sustained a broken back, deep laceration in his neck and forehead and a dislocated shoulder. The van rolled after the driver swerved to miss debris in the road and just flipped. All four guys were lucky to have walked away with their lives. There isn't a day that goes where Eddie doesn't make the most of it. He loves meeting new people and loves performing for them with his group MAD MARGRITT. Eddie has fully recovered with the exception of some aches and pains in his back from time to time. He's friends also have recovered and continue to perform and tour. Let him know you're thinking of him this week by leaving a comment. I know he would like that. You all have a great week!!

curej71  (about 9 years ago)

Don't know Eddie but he kicks ass and I want to wish him well just as anyone deserves after something like that. Not everyone has the balls to man up and get over something like that.Rock Steady Eddie!!

Cindy-Ken-Stanford  (about 9 years ago)

Un-Freakin-Believable! Thank GOD he saved you for he shares you as a gift to all. You really love what you are doing, and it shows. Thanks for your talent and determination.Cindy StanfordAuburn, GA

Cindy-Ken-Stanford  (over 8 years ago)

God has truly blessed Eddie Smith, as well as blessing everyone who loves him and those to meet him. I can say for myself...Eddie is such a wonderful person, friend, musician and asset to us all. The band is a perfect blend of musicianship.♥This band deserves the best of success♥KCSTANFORD

Times running out

Well, time is running out on the Motley Crue contest and we still need a number of votes to make this happen. You know it's really hard to get yourself heard these days. I don't understand why people don't feel the same about music as they did when I was growing up. During my teen years I lived for music! I know our cd is worthy of listening to, but getting it out to people who haven't heard of us before and getting them excited to join our mailing list is really hard work. What about spreading the word? people are more concerned with spam mail over a good group who could change lives in someway. We were told by a couple that Ruling me brought them back together. That song is about a struggling relationship, one trying to rule the other and it touches the core of a rocky relationship. And we all know we have our share. The whole cd is based on relationships. When we played last weekend and after we heard the story about the couple above. The highlight of the whole night was when we played that song, everyone in the club was singing it. That my friends is a huge payoff! So I ask you today, will and can you help spread our name out to your friends, family and co-workers?

curej71  (about 9 years ago)

Hey Guys, I am new to you and you are new to me. I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn't make what little effort it takes to vote for you or tell friends about you if I didn't think you guys rocked solid! Your music is fresh but still respective to it's roots(real rock n roll). You have a new friend here. Keep on rockin in the free world! Michael