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Video: Hard Times (Shining: Part 2) - Pawn's Logic

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I said at one point "Legend" would get the Pawn's Logic treatment.  Here it is:

Hey son - let me tell you 'bout a hero.
He is just a guy, wears jeans,
Like me and you.
And he'll polish up right nice
If the reason calls him to it,
But I knew him best
In his cap and vest
And the dog he drove around.
He made his mom and daddy proud
As he eased his father's burden
And he never quit, not once.
Oh son, you must believe he's a man
And not a legend.

Hey girls - let me tell you 'bout my hero.
And if you think he's...

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Under the Mountain: The Complete Metaballad

Your new favorite record.


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Album Production Resumes

Production of Under the Mountain resumed October 3, resulting in an unscheduled demo, "The Little Tree," a short appendage to the "Needle's Eye" thread.  Yesterday, we released a rough demo for "Hard Times (Shining: Part 2)."  We're not prepared to call the songs finished yet, but we're off to an auspicious start.  We will begin production on the second version of "Needle's Eye (Christian & Dorothy)" and its dependent, "The Pall Bearer," by the end of the month.

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"Cap'n Jessie," Beloved Laptop, Found Dead

Cap'n Jessie didn't start Pawn's Logic, he just gave us a chance to do something we'd never dreamed of before: record songs the way we imagined them.
On July 3rd, we bounced what would be his last mix for "Cloudburst" a track written for our planned concept album, Under the Mountain. We managed to upload before Cap'n Jesse did a spontaneous (and inappropriate) shut down.   Cap'n Jessie's battery was dead some time ago, so we knew he was living on borrowed time.
It was through Cap'n Jessi...

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Plans for 2014

I decided last year during the Guitar Center Singer Songwriter contest that I've been doing stuff ass-backwards.  Instead of writing songs and releasing them with all the bells and whistles under the name of Pawn's Logic , the plan is to work through an acoustic version and release a rough demo under my own name.  "Big War" is my first, purely solo effort since "Legend."  It's available for download for a limited time only from my ReverbNation solo page. You can stream "Big War" ...

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Jack Nielsen Singer-Songwriter: A Legacy of American Music: Pete Seeger (1919-2014...

Jack Nielsen Singer-Songwriter: A Legacy of American Music: Pete Seeger (1919-2014...: This post is long overdue.  Pete Seeger was a titan of American music.  There are simply no words that can describe just how vital this man ...

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Another Christmas Blown

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Explaining Pawns Logic

Essentially, Pawns Logic was formed in the Nielsen living room, shortly after Chris Oakley proposed to our daughter, Bethannie.

When Bethannie was a girl, I used to play "Time in a Bottle" on the guitar and she would sing.  We never played shows, so I never concerned myself with the limited sound my guitar could produce.  After Chris proposed, Bethannie asked me to accompany her on guitar so she could sing "Time in a Bottle" for Chris at their wedding.  I recruited my son, John Ed...

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Support Jack Nielsen!

Jack Nielsen has decided to take his songwriting to the next level.  As a songwriter, he leaves it all on the floor.  Now, he's going for broke--The Guitar Center Singer Songwriter 3 with Don Was: the next great American songwriter.  Let's give it "All We Got" Logicals!  Our campaign for this week is "Just press play and walk away."  You don't have to sit through every one of the six videos--get up, stretch your legs!  If the sound is distracting you, mute it. ...

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