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Hi Guys and Galls, been getting a lot of response on reverbnation the last few days... i'm trying to keep up. If you didn't recieve a message back from , then please let me know... i probably missed your message (sorry)

Thanks for the support and nice comments!

entered the Beat100 competition!

Go check it out, maybe give me a vote ;) It's easy! http://www.beat100.com/original-music-video-chart/watch/lifeline_56400/

connecting the dots!

Hey Guys and Girls, fellow musicians! Just wanted to let you know i'll return facebook likes / youtube subscribes and soundcloud follows! Let's help each other out and connect the dots!

Cruisin through Reverbnation!

spent all evening looking through the huge amount of cool music! Found some really cool bands! Check out my favourite artists and give them a listen ;)

Video's Online!

Hey Guys and Gals , just a short message to let you know i've added a couple of new vid's! Hope you enjoy!

Hi There Reverbnation!

Hey everyone, finally i'm on reverbnation, hope you like my songs and music, drop me a line anytime!