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Exciting news for the homeless songwriting program...

Friday, September 13th was a great day in Nashville, TN as students were surprised and excited to meet Gary during his visit. Gary stopped by to check in and answer any questions they had about the music business during their songwriting class with Tawny River.

'Tawny River' is an inspiring duo act out of Nashville, Tn who is dedicated to bringing hope thru music to the homeless every Friday at the Room In the Inn with a spin off of a program that all began with Gary Hannan's Beer For Breakfast.

"It was a pleasure to be there and see all the great work 'Tawny River' has been doing for our homeless people........and thank you so much for all the work you do for our "homeless Vets"..........it's been years now, of your total commitment and sacrifice.....and if it wasn't for your dedication, my idea of starting this program would never have come to fruition.......now , these vets have an avenue to put into words and song, their feelings and easing the emotional burden they have carried around for so long. - Gary Hannan"

The Room In the Inn has welcomed the songwriting program with open arms and loves the turnout week after week, as homeless vets and patrons spend an hour talking about how to take their stories and turn them into songs. From this program many lives have been healed and it has managed to bring hope for a brighter day to those who participate. We anticipate many great things yet to come with the future of this program as Gary expands his efforts to other facilities.


Well folks the time has finally come... that's right we are gearing up for the studio right now. We are both so excited to share this news. Good things... and fun music is on the way. We can't wait to get this stuff recorded and share it with you. - Dawn & Nash (Tawny River)

Safe Passage Concert Benefit

Do you know of a woman or child(ren) who have been abused? Have you experienced this? Have you ever felt hopeless and lost? There is an organization that can help called Safe Passage. Friday June 14th a benefit Concert will take place and the proceeds will be going to Safe Passage.

"Having a first hand understanding of violence and abuse we both know how hopeful a program like this can be to those who are still trying to get back on their feet." - Tawny River

The Safe Passage program has a 95% proven track record of helping survivors of domestic violence find their way to a stable job, new home, and a healthy family. More than 1500 women and children have come to Safe Passage for support, as our offices receives approximately 60 calls per month from survivors. Every call get resources to a safe shelter or any emergency need.

June 14th please join us in Nashville for a concert to benefit Safe Passage. https://www.facebook.com/events/256173044526481/?fref=ts

Same Colored Wings

If you ever feel like you don't have enough.. or that you'd like to learn how to smile again? Volunteer at the Room In the Inn or other places that you can help those in need. So many just need a little encouragement.. a friendly face. We find inspiration every time we go to help. This week another gentleman returned after being missing for 9months and it's a great thing that he did we had finished a song we had started working on with him "Same Colored Wings" and now we'll be taking it to the studio to record it. The song is about the fact that in his perspective "I bet ya up in heaven they're all going to look down at us and sing We All Have the Same Colored Wings" He's so excited and We're so excited for him. He'll soon be a published writer. We've found that progress happens in small steps sometimes, steady and true but persistent steps. For him this is a huge step. More soon....

Tawny River believes in hope...

About 6 months ago we embarked on a new mission...... to spread positive messages through song and find ways to give back to our community. We have found a great place for us to offer our volunteer service and ended up with more blessings than we could ever hope for. On Fridays, we sing for an hour and a half at Clancey's Cafe and then teach an hour long songwriting class where the patrons are homeless. Clancey's Cafe is a great little cafe that was created by the folks at the Room In the Inn a non-profit organization that helps Nashville's homeless with rehabilitation, educational classes, computers, laundry and other services to help people get back on their feet again. The hope that I have come to see in the eyes and lives of those who we meet has truly and greatly touched my heart. It has renewed our belief in humanity and shows us everytime just how lucky we are. More soon...