Just wanted to catch yawl up on the band and our recent activities. We have been really busy and we thank each and every one of you who come to our shows to support us,and also to all those who support us through the media.We hope to have new music for you soon.Please continue to track us on Facebook.We love you all!!

Eric W. Spradlin Music
Eric W. Spradlin Music  (almost 2 years ago)

Probably the best band around that plays country! Always enjoy yall!

Minnie Bono


Scars ??!! You know..I could listen to this tune all day! This one is so good! It's deLIGHTFUL.


...we are busy and we thank yawl 4 that! Please check our schedule for shows near you..and COME ON OUT!!


We have some new cover songs in our playlist...check'em out!!! Ronda finally has a song on our site!!! New originals coming real soon!!!! russ

New Drummer Pix

I have added some pix of our new drummer Ronda...take a gander!


We want to welcome RONDA HARP to Kickin' Kountry! Kelly has moved on to another project and we wish him luck. I will post new pics of the band with Rhonda a.s.a.p..... We are looking forward to a great new year! russ

HiDee Ho friends!!

Russ here.... ..just wanted to update you guys on recent happenings. First..we are nearly done with the new CD. Should have it available by mid MAY or maybe even early May!! We will be back at the Moose Lodge at the end of May ...30/31...and every month there after...hopefully. Please come out to see us....hell, mention this blog and i'll buy your first beer! Also...in the news...i have sent "IF YOU REALLY WANT TO LEAVE ME HERE" to Jeff Bates' record label to pitch to Jeff for his next CD. Keep you'enses fangers crossed for me!! Thank you guys for all your suport and ..please..mention this site and the Bandmatesnetwork site to all of your friends and family and have them visit or even join up as a fan...that would be great...help us get our ratings up higher.


Check us out on this site!!!!! www.bandmatesnetwork.com Our song "EMPTY GLASS" is doing well there. In its first week we hit number 2 and the second week number 1!!! We were number 6 for December and so far for January..we are number 1 for the month!!! GO FORTH AND SUPPORT US THERE,TOO, OK? RUSS


Duane and i have been working on getting at least one new song on here and it may appear very soon. I beleieve i am going to put an original song called "LONELY MAN" on here and our own special cover of Alabama's "LADY DOWN ON LOVE". Please check back often...and thanks for the support.


We want to thank every one who came out to support us at the MOOSE LODGE October 26th and 27th. The response by evryone there was ovewhelming. I am sure we will be rebooked there soon! We had people tell us that we were the best band that has played there in QUITE some time. We are returning to the studio this weekend to continue wrok on our new CD. I WAS HOPEING FOR BEFORE CHRISTMAS RELEASE..BUT CANT BE SURE OF THAT HOPE FOR NOW.Please bear with us as we want to make this CD as good as possible as it will contain original material as well as covers. Any cover you have heard us do lately and want it to be considered for the CD....let us know.