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How We Evolved Into Floyd Pink & the Punks

Playlists were created to outline and categorize the project's origin and evolution. Kaleidscopic Data-The Original Demo from 2012 (Harding was discussing a band name with Stevan and suggested Kaleidoscopic Data. Prophecy and Doom was being recorded at this time as the first song. SteVan liked the idea, but felt it was missing something. Kaleidoscopic Data Frame was agreed upon. The music was being recorded in the absence of any clear direction other than spontaneity. An improvisional recording approach was being used similar to the summer 2014. Very experimental. Bringing together minds so opposite that they just might be similar wasn't the obvious choice, but the right choice. Acoustic guitars to keyboard centered rock music, both observed congruency in each other's writing style, and the influences we're spot on. There was a sense that it would become a special project, and evolve into a successful piece of work. Kaleidoscopic Data Frame 2013 Demos (Slower period after a hardworking 2012). RagChild was not being focused on at this time. It wasn't clear whether Data Frame would hit the momentum needed to achieve the desired balance between work and reward. Fall 2013, there was a discussion on 'breaking out of unneccessary boundaries that restrict and trap artists'. Casting aside expectations and obvious templates, an 'anything goes' mentality was enthusiastically adopted. Inspiration would arrive in the form of "Some of Us Afraid The World Will End (Some of Us Afraid That It Wont)" as well as "Guess I Must Be Someone Else". "Love Is A One Night Stand" would follow. ''First Day Of My Life (Last Thing On My Mind)" introduced a new working model, using a more guitar-centric theme. This would become the basis for what the band is doing currently. SteVan would sing all lead vocals, in addition to synthesizer work, and audio editing). Harding would focus on the music compositions, which were heavily guitar based, as well as bass lines and initial mixing. Work seemed to flow with a desired pace and outcome under this arrangement. It allowed each to focus 100% on their role. 2 writers tend to be more creative than one. Rough Album Layout 2014-This seemed to be the true creative apex, discovering what works, what doesn't, what to zero in on with laser focus, and what to throw in the garbage. A progressive rock band finding their footing, as wells as answers to nagging questions regarding artistic growth and sound definition. Fan feedback was used to help establish songwriting direction. Feedback is essential for growth and expansion. "Floyd Pink & The Punks" was named Spring 2014. SteVan wanted something that conveyed the bands sound and preferences in a 'name', while also respecting the source, and drawing awareness towards it. Harding said yes without hesitation.

Prophecy & Doom

Newly released "Prophecy & Doom" vocal version. This has become our psuedo-anthem, as the musical themeology runs deep regarding political,socio-economical, spiritual, & philanthropic concepts . Prophecy is a Kaleidoscopic Data Frame, original song, mixed between July 2012 & November 2012, This is grass roots experimental music, built from the ground up, by Ste Van Horne & Pete Harding. Love for late 60's/early 70's experimental progressive rock is evident. Data Frame lives for Underground music and artistic expression.Other material to look out for are completely new tracks (Take Thy Pith, Is That Not a Spike I See Pertruding From Your Vein? etc.).The new tracks expand the band's musical boundaries.