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Self Titled EP is here.

Check it out here! Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/self-titled-ep/id672427859

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Self-Titled-EP/dp/B00DVDYT3W/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1374546635&sr=1-1&keywords=the+finale+self+titled+ep

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/The_Finale_Self_Titled_EP?id=Bpvummyoporu24jnwmxgffzzvau

Our EP drops tomorrow

Hope you are as excited as we are. Our EP, "Self Titled EP" will drop tomorrow, July 23rd. Look for it on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and many, many more. Have a listen, and tell us what you think about it!


It's been a while since out last update. Here is what we have been up to. We have finished recording our Self Titled EP, which will be available on July 23rd! We only have a few shows left this summer before we go on hiatus to record our album. We start recording in September and it will be finished soon after that. This Album is going to be killer. It'll be released late this year. In the meantime check out our EP.

New Sponsor

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Kickstarter is now live!

Thanks for checking out this blog everyone. I'm not going to go into too much depth about the kickstarter, but we are hoping to raise enough money to finish recording our album, as well as obtains some distribution via itunes and CD. We are also hoping to raise enough to start a national tour so that we can play in your town. Check it out!


Update 1-03-2013!

Hello boys and girls! A lot has happened in the last month so we needed to make sure you were aware of what we were doing! First off the new single “The Finale” is out and on our reverbnation!!!!! We are getting lots of positive feedback which is awesome! Thank you for that by the way. Second our next single “Walking On Water” comes out in 2 weeks and we are going to be shooting a music video for in FLINT!!!!! Third we have a new member of our band!!! Lucy Loy will be replacing or vocalist Amber Montague. Amber has been with this band since we started and we are sad to see her go. Amber has chosen to leave the band for very good reason, she is having her first child with her fiancé and we wish them the best and high hopes for the future!!!! Amber’s last show with the band will be on January 26th, 2013 @ The Barons Motor Cycle Club Cancer Benefit and we are going to make it a night to remember! We love you Amber!!!!! With all that being said; The Finale has NO intentions of slowing down anytime soon. Lucy has been practicing with the band and Amber and her first official performance will be with us @ The Crofoot on February 17th, 2013 in Pontiac. We have been booking shows like crazy and we have the hopes of a tour for next summer but we can’t do it without your help!!!!!! We need more fans on our Reverbnation page and more likes on our facebook! Also keep checking out facebook and reverbnation for an update on our brand new kickstarter.com page!!! That’s all for now! Thank you for the continued support!!!! The Finale

JPKGroovehouse Review

Check out their sounds; The Finale

With sounds and a style that offers both uniqueness as well as variety, the band "The Finale," is clearly unafraid to be raw and honest. With tracks like "My Heroine," "Finale," and "Overcome," it's clear to see that this band wants to be established for their truth and nothing else more. Their sounds aren't just well put together, but they really do something that most other bands dont' do; they speak to their audience.

"The Finale," makes a real effort and you can tell. They make a real effort to truly connect with their audience, connect with those around them, and based on my listening experience they have real raw talent as a whole. To be honest, there isn't much else to say other than enjoy.

Enjoy connecting with sounds that speak to the soul. Enjoy connecting with a voice that will inspire your mind in both good and bad ways. Just, all I can really say is just let it run, and enjoy. "The Finale,"; simply amazing sounds, real rawness, and so much more. http://www.reverbnation.com/thefinale

written by Pete King of



Hello To Everyone!!!! We hope that everything is going well and we want to take this chance to say thank you to all who came out and supported us @ The Aloha Christmas Show!!!! It was an amazing turn out!!! We want to thank Marcus @ The Aloha and Deadground Productions for putting on the show; we will come back anytime!!! Second we want to let everyone know that we are hitting the studio this coming sunday 12/23/12 with producer Edward Tabit of The Garage Recording Studio/South Shore Records to record our very first single. We had to put off recording for a couple weeks due to auditions but we are back on track now with recording the record and hope to have the first single and music video out very soon!!! Once again thank you all for your love and support and keep checking the Facebook, Youtube, and Reverbnation for updates on the band!!! Also a minor note.....the offical TheFinale.com will be coming very very soon!!!!! Thanks Again!!!! The Finale

Shows Shows and More Shows!!!

Hello To Everyone! First off let us thank you to all the fans who have been packing out our shows. We will be honest this whole thing is a little unexpected considering we only started to do this band for fun locally but we are being asked to play damn near everywhere now and how could we say NO! We love to perform and love every single person who listens to our music and comes to the shows. After our next show on December 14th we will not be performing until January 5th again due to auditions and recording but dont worry its worth it! So please be patient with us as we record ourselves, book, manage, make merch and anything else under the sun that requires being in band. WE DO IT ALL!!! But we REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate all your support and we are happy to see all the beautiful faces at the shows. Thanks Again! The Finale


Hello to everyone!!!!!!! This is our first blog post we have ever done and we wanted to formally introduce ourselves!!!!!! We are The Finale! A band based out of Flushing Michigan and we just love to play music! This band was orignally started by Donny (bass/sweet back up vocals) in March of 2012 and the rest of the band seemed to fall in place giving us our offical line up! We were only going to be doing this band for "fun" at first for something to do but then as everyone began liking our Facebook and Youtube page we decided to take things to the next level!!!! We are now booking shows through the end of this year and have already started on 2013. If you would like to see us perform in your hometown (no matter where you live!) Send us a message on Facebook www.facebook.com/thefinalemusic and we will try our best to come to your city! We have been booking everywhere in Michigan and we are currently working on shows for Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania and as we get more into playing these states regularly we will branch out more! Just please try and be patient with us as we are managing and booking ourselves as well as engineering our selves with our new record-Due out the first of the year in 2013 :-) and making our own merch. We have a lot to do!!!! But this is going to be an amazing time for us and we cant wait to meet all of you! Feel free to message us anytime for show requests or if you just want to shoot the shit that's fine too! Thanks Again! ~The Finale