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new album F.U.C.K.

So far pretty happy with how the new songs are evolving. Most the first album was not as well produced because of few mishaps courtesy of mother nature so i left them as is which was not fully produced and i was too far into other ventures to take the time to redo everything. Anyways the new stuff is coming along well and really no gripes here except time which we all need more of. Thanks everyone that has gave me support and hope to have more music out soon!

all systems crash

well the system i was using for recording finally decided to end its life for the most part so i'll have to try plan c since plan b is the other extreme.

General Bastard tour 2013

gonna be on the road through the southern part of the U.S. with General Bastard and can't wait to get back to meeting new people, running into the friends I met and made, and playing live. I can't wait!!

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