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The Complete List... So Far

After 11 years of writing and playing music I decided it's time to compile a list of all the songs I've ever written... Here We Go:

Just Wait, Both Sides of a Problem, Twisted, 7 Same, Until The Next Time, Wash Away, Take Me Away, You Lied, Hold Me, If I Fall, Make it Thru, Here I Am, Breathe Out, Live Again, Immune, Reflection, Never Give Up, Runaway, Beautiful, All Your Promises, Not Today, One of These Days, Right Here, I'll Break You Down, That Side, Among the Flowers, Don't Say, Better, What I Want to Tell You, Nothing to Lose (Everything to Gain), Angel Without Wings, Stupid Me, Where The River Goes, When I Grow Old, Walk With Me

As I continue to write I will update this list