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We are Revolution 21, a rock/metal band from Noida. We came out with some innovative ideas about this band, about the kind of music we will be composing in the near future.


Hello everyone, The band came into existence in june 2012 with 2 friends teaming up together. Soon more people joined the band with a vision of making music that would be new to our listeners..

Keeping this in mind, the name "Revolution 21" was coined for the band. Present members :-

Nikhil Arora - Vocals Arjit Gandharva - Guitar Jainendra Upreti - Guitar Bhavya Tyagi - Keyboard Siddharth Mahthan - Bass Shashank Varshney - Drums Saurabh Gautam - Band Manager Selenium Glow - Sound Engineer Shreya Shashiraj - Photographer

Band interests We are interested in making music that will connect our listeners to us and the songs that we will make

Artists we also like Metallica, Dream Theater, Europe, Within Temptation, Evanessance, Megadeth, Sirenia, Nightwish, Breaking Benjamin,etc

Contact info.

Press contact revolution21.2012@gmail.com


Booking agent Shashank Varshney - +919899565909, Saurabh Gautam - +919599354511