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Julian Wilson / Blog


Hi, We just put up 3 song album consisting of Dakota Woman, Tell Me Colorado and Pain Inside. Another glitch! iTunes must has vetted the songs - and then managed to list them all as singles when they are clearly listed as a small album (or E.P. back in the day) titled 'Tell Me Colorado' on my Tunecore info. We're just going to Delete Dakota Woman from CD Baby and the list should clear back to just the three songs - instead of duplicating that one track on iTunes..... Nevermind - Onwards and upward! Jules

Drop me a line?

I can't keep up with things around here any more! The Fludes just sent me a clip from 'Summer Waltz' and Paul Dunn OK'd the clip from 'Waves Upon The Water'. I've put both clips up on my player now. If you manage to catch up with things around here drop me a line and let me know what's going on! lol Loving it all really....

Oh yes, and the Fludes have just dropped me another tune to work on!! lol

I'm a busy bee these days thanks to all my great co writers. I can't praise them all enough.


Current Developments...

The Fludes have done it again! - I just got the song 'Summer Waltz' back. Albert Hall stuff - really this composition and lyrics are just right for Dawn lovely voice. I just don't know what Paul will send next but I am eager to put words to all his lovely tunes.

Also, I spoke to Barry Gutteridge and he has nearly finished 'Tell Me Colorado' and 'Pain Inside' now and they will hopefully be completed in about a week. He's just got Logic 10 and that's what's taking so long as he gets used to the software recording.

Paul Dunn sent me the clip of 'Waves Upon The Water' I briefly put up but took it down until he is absolutely happy with it.

Waiting to hear about developments with Weston Super Mare co writer Ken Lintern on another project as well.

Cheers, Jules

'Medi but not Evil'...

'The Dragon and The Fire' - the latest song that's 'Medi but not Evil' with Paul and Dawn Flude. Those guys are as fast at music and recording as I am with lyrics. I'll be surprised if a full album isn't completed in a few months. Paul Dunn is also working on finalising 'Waves Upon the Water' - great song. No time to type anything else tonight! Jules

Recent Events in Julesville 27/05/14

I just can't believe how fast things are going around here. Seems like everything I am involved in keeps turning up roses (except of course my recent 'trial by CD Baby combat' that we won't go into here)..

Finally, Tunecore is processing 'Lady Ella Sang The Blues' so it should be up on iTunes under 'Blue Sky Ohio featuring Kim Guthrie' shortly unless it is chosen as 'a random sample' by iTunes.

If iTunes do that, then it could take up to 16 days for them to be happy with it (14 now). Older readers will remember the BBC Classic cartoon 'The Saga of Noggin the Nog'.... lol

A really huge opportunity seems to have reared it's head - but I won't be revealing what, in case it doesn't come through in the end.

I AM very certain that something has to break big time somewhere as I am working with so many fabulous tunesmiths, singers and producers now.

My second collaboration with The Fludes (Dawn and Paul) was sent to me today - It's an exceptional song that should be played for hundreds of years in my opinion.

It's called 'The Foggy Misty Tyne' and it really is an outstanding piece of work. Dawn tells me she was tearful when she first heard it played back- I have to tell you that I was to. I'm listening to it now with the headphones wound up high.

Then she revealed it still needs the harmonies, proper mixing and mastering plus an input from their producer son in Australia. What's it going to sound like then???? Awesome! (I don't use that work much at all but I am now and justifiably so)

I'm also waiting for a Dylanesque song to come back from Magneto Flobe's Derek Damico called 'Rockefeller had a Dog'. Since we are both 'out there' it should be a great and strange song with a live feel. The fictional nature of the song is pretty amusing as well as a bit dark.

Feel free to email Derek through the Magneto Flobe site with the heading "Where's the Dawg Derek?" Don't put anything else on the email he'll know I'm behind it then! lol lol lol

Thanks for reading, Love, Jules

Great Stuff!

Hi, Great stuff! Ken Lintern sent me a demo of one of our songs called 'Too Late' last night with a young lady named Sally singing it - It was 'only a run through' - but old Kendo has really got high level production engineering nailed down now. Sally (The Lady singer) really soars like a bird - I can't wait to hear this one mastered!


I will shortly have Lady Ella up on CD Baby / iTunes etc performed by Kim Guthrie, Tom Hedrick and myself. It will be under BLUE SKY OHIO (Kim Guthrie). We like it so much that more and more songs are going to be coming out shortly.

All in all, tectonic shifts in the old musical vaults going on around here regularly now!

It's a mighty long way down Folk, Classical Crossover, Blues, Jazz - Oh yes, and Rock and Roll... lol


'Lady Ella' / Collaboration with Paul and Dawn Flude.

Last night the recording of 'Lady Ella' was sent back to me by Tom Hedrick. Kim Guthrie is the singer, I was on rhythm guitar, Tom did the rest. Talented and nice people to work with.

Also, Paul and Dawn Flude emailed me to tell me our first collaboration ('First Love') is coming along nicely.

A good day.... Things are going really well.


Sur Rod
Sur Rod  (about 1 year ago)

Really like the collab work on Lady Ella! Great work Julian!

Dakota Woman Origins...

I wanted to write a modern country song in the style of the Paul Simon’s classic ‘Sound of Silence’. I was particularly intrigued by Simon’s line “and the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made”.

Later, watching an episode of CSI Las Vegas, I saw a passing shot of a flickering neon cowgirl and somehow the title ‘Dakota Woman’ came to me. Probably because of the 'neon' link and the fact that I had alway loved the very sound of the word 'Dakota'.

The song makes reference to the fact that the singer feels very much uncomfortable in the strangeness of his overpowering dream. He really wants to wake up but can’t (Will the morning’ ever come?).

Part way through writing the song I realised that, odd as the song may be, it could be very successful (all the way it’s country gold!) but I was also swinging to the opposite view that I shouldn’t send it to a publisher as the song was so far ‘out there’ it might damage my credibility as a writer on further tracks (There’s a bad idea in the mail I fear, trying to make it's way back home") - I thought I'd get 'a flea in my ear' for daring to send it!

The rest of the song is really about me freewheeling with words and concepts about being under the thrall of this mythical beautiful Native American princess... Pocahontas has to be in there somewhere? It’s like a modern country rock Alice in Wonderland I guess…

Fifteen years after I originally wrote it, Barry Gutteridge’s concert pianist brother Neil heard my demo of the song performed by my friend John MaCauley on Reverbnation - and recommended my songwriting to Barry. He also recommended Barry's performance skills to me!

This song is the first (and probable title track) from our first album together, and there are a whole lot more tracks come soon. Barry is now working on the second track 'Tell Me Colorado'.

Barry is now performing as the 'BG Rider Band'. The song is freely available for download from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon etc under 'Country Rock'.

I'll blog later about the origins of 'Tell Me Colorado'- When it's finished and mastered we'll put it up there with Dakota Woman.

Cheers, Jules

Traces of Lace
Traces of Lace  (about 1 year ago)

Cool to know all these details! :) ~ Lace

Positive Effects of Learning Great Songs and Latest News. ...

Well all this radio play and Barry's input as a performer and co writer is having a very positive effect on my writing - and keeping my general outlook very positive.

I'm sorting contracts out, writing my own songs again, writing more lyrics for others, and waiting on the return of more completed songs.

Kim Guthrie and Tom Hendricks have/are working on 'Lady Ella' and I hope that will be completed soon.

I've also just started a cowrite with the very talented Paul and Dawn Flude yesterday - You should check them out - Really beautiful vocals from her, and top compositional, arranging and recording talent from him

Links: http://www.reverbnation.com/musician/paulflude


All great stuff!

This 'Jam With The Eagles' book and DVD from 'Total Accuracy' I am working with is really making my rhythm playing a lot more solid.

My songwriting (musical side) is actually improving dramatically for the first time in as long as I can remember.

The trick is to completely learn the rhythm guitar part for a classic song till it's instinctive, and you know the song so well that you can sing and play it every every time without fluffing it.

When you can do that, you have really absorbed a lot from a great writer into yourself, and you can apply the subtle tricks to your own writing.

Too many people think 'originality' is completely recreating the wheel and inventing something totally new. That's not the case - We can only recyle the basics of what we already know or have learned or will learn - but thankfully in a myriad different ways.

Learning from the greats is what will make an individual great at anything. Even those who some class as having 'genius', have learned the way forward by listening to others before them.

I am also looking forward to Kappi (Kloudworks) sending me some music for a collaboration and the song will then be recorded by that really wonderful vocalist Fiona MacMahon

Links: http://www.reverbnation.com/kloudworks# http://www.reverbnation.com/fionamacmahon

Kappi is the only German cheeky enough to correct my English spelling! (and he was right!!!)

On top of all this, Barry Gutteridge is working on our next release TELL ME COLORADO as I type!

I am going to keep at it - There's another song brewing now....

Cheers, Jules

P.S. Send all notifications of spelling and grammar mistakes to Klaus Kappes at Kloudworks marked urgent. lol

Crystal Cavern play tonight (Friday 25th April) for Dakota Woman

Just heard that 'Dakota Woman' is going down really well in Newcastle - might even filter through to Radio 2 if it gets enough play requests to the station. BIG NEWS - Barry has just started work today on the second track for the forthcoming album with 'TELL ME COLORADO'. Hopefully he will have it done in a few weeks time for more radio play. Also of course, 'Dakota' will be played after 8:00 pm tonight by the lovely and very helpful Deborah Millstein on her 'Crystal Cavern' playlist on hamiltonradio.net & on qstarradio.com - Thanks in advance for any support you feel like you can give to us all . Jules and Barry Gutteridge (BG Rider Band)