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Clamity Cubes comin to town

Don't miss our next show with The Calamity Cubes and Willy Tea Taylor at Don Quixote's in Felton

April 11th Don Quixote's with Snap Jackson

We are playing Friday night at Don Quixote's with Snap Jackson and the knock on wood players and Eddie DuCommun Band come out folks

Chris Doud from the goodluck thriftstore outfit

This Sunday July 14th 4 band $10 at Don Quixote's in felton

Willy Tea Taylor with The Naked Bootleggers

This Sunday March 3rd at Don Quixotes in Felton Ca! Dont miss this show! Willy Tea Taylor is one of the best singer songwriters of this generation. Dont miss this one!

Brookdale Bluegrass at Costanoa

Legendary Peter Rowan added to the line up on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing him play and maybe picking a bit with him

Record almost done

We are just mixin down the tracks and it sounds good. We recorded 14 song at Jim Lewin's house live takes. Just pulling it all together before Dayan moves to Hawaii. Gonna miss him. He will be back in the summer for gigs