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Getting Back on the Bus!

Hi Friends ~ It's been a long, long time since I updated you all! 2015 was one strange year! As you can see from our calendar, we've taken a number of months off from playing to concentrate on writing our new album. I really wanted to take some time to get back to the basics and write solely from the heart. It is too easy to change the direction of your songs, your very personal songs, when you get a lot of input and you play the game of music. It's very important to me that my songs stay true to why I started writing in the first place. Sometimes it is good to step back, look inside, remember why you love what you do ~ and that is exactly what I've been doing since last summer. But now, my friends, it is time to get back on the bus! We miss playing for you very much, and I'm happy to say we have a number of really cool shows in the works. I promise to try to do a better job of updating you, and I hope with all my heart to see you next time we come to play ~ love & peace, Sarah/THE SARAH SWANSON BAND

The Sarah Swanson Band Is Rocking!

Hi Friends~ Sorry for the delay in updates. We have been happily busy playing and writing and listening to music all the time! I am not a genius on the computer, but with the help of album after album of Steely Dan and The Allman Brothers playing in the background today, I've been updating our website here (including our bio) and www.SarahSwansonMusic.com. Please check out our official website as we created new color schemes for easier viewing. You can also access our CD BABY and YOU TUBE sites easily on www.SarahSwansonMusic.com via the groovy little widgets on the right side of the pages.

We have posted new details about some of our upcoming shows. We're incredibly excited about sharing our music and energy with you soon so please mark your calendars and come see us! The last time we practiced in our little living room the vibe was so good and so intense I felt I had lost touch with reality! Looking forward to sharing that intensity with you. We've been blessed with incredibly talented, high spirited musicians in our band.

I've also been joyously pounding away at my piano as new tunes seem to be flowing like wine lately. We hope to get The Sarah Swanson Band back in the studio in the near future. Will keep you posted!

If you do not have your own copy of THIS SIDE OF MADNESS yet and like what you hear on this page, please visit www.CDBABY.com/CD/SarahSwanson2 now and snap up a copy. Both CD and high quality downloads are available for the same price and are on sale for only one more week!

By becoming a fan here on ReverbNation you can also download a copy of "Bittersweet" for FREE! This is a fan favorite and one we play live. I don't know if it's cool to love your own songs, but I really do love this one.

Please continue to support, listen to, buy CD's from, and attend shows of indie artists like us. Music is the incredible soundtrack of our lives. Imagine the emptiness if all we heard was silence. A CD cost is equal to two fancy cups of java and lasts so much longer. Please help keep this music alive!

Hope to see you soon! For more frequent connections, please follow me on twitter @sswansonmusic. I'm really trying to learn to be a better "tweeter" HA!

Much love to you and as always~ Rock On! sarah


Check out our latest update off of www.SarahSwansonMusic.com RANDOM THOUGHTS: Hi Friends~

It's been too long since I've written about what's happening with The Sarah Swanson Band. The good news is We're Still Here! And we're booking new shows as quickly as we can! I ran into a health issue in 2013 that needed to be dealt with, one I feared would keep me from performing again. Fortunately I am receiving excellent treatment and have the go ahead to get back on stage and do what we love to do. I Can't Wait!!!

The band has been rehearsing regularly during this time, and we have the writing bug so hopefully we'll be back in the studio before long. We miss our second home Big Sky Studio and our dear friend and engineer Geoff Michael. In these past months we've been listening continuously to The Allman Brothers, Blackberry Smoke, Alice Cooper... very inspiring legendary music!

We are now booking 2014 Summer/Fall shows. We sincerely appreciate you recommending us to festivals and venues. You can also reach us via the CONTACT link on this website to let us know about places to play.

Don't forget to get your copy of THIS SIDE OF MADNESS here (CD or Download both $9.99; also on iTunes): www.CDBABY.com/CD/SarahSwanson2. We are very proud of this album and truly appreciate your support!

We look forward to a very exciting, happy, and of course Rockin' 2014 with you! peace, love, and all the good stuff~ sarah

Time To Begin~

Just added my song Time To Begin from our CD THIS SIDE OF MADNESS for you to hear. I remember writing this song so well, just me and the piano sitting in the dark. I play the beautiful grand piano at Big Sky Recording on this song. It was challenging for the guys in the band to work around my lack of precision when I play, but they did a beautiful job. This song is kind of a sleeper on the CD, but it always makes me happy, always makes me smile. Time To Begin is a song of Hope, of starting over, of carrying on. Even when "the darkness tries to haunt you and you feel like you just can't win" there are slivers of light all around you. If you dig this song, please go to www.CDBABY.com/CD/SarahSwanson2 and get yourself a copy of THIS SIDE OF MADNESS today so we can continue on our rock & roll journey. We're starting to think about recording the next album, and we need your help and support to do so. It's Time To Begin... love, sarah

New Limited Time FREE DOWNLOAD of Forevermore Demo for Our Fans

The new Sarah Swanson Band is together, happy, and rocking! We are thrilled to welcome our new bass player Dave Wolff and drummer Paul Koch into our crazy little music family. Please come out and see us play soon! We've had an absolute blast playing together this summer, and now we're booking fall and winter shows. Let us know if you have ideas for gigs.

People often don't realize I write my songs on piano since we don't use one on stage. I do play on both of our CDs, more so on the newer release THIS SIDE OF MADNESS. One of my favorite songs on the album is FOREVERMORE, a song that also appears in demo form at the end of the CD. It's a bare bones vocal and piano, just me, and although it's a departure from our rock songs like the title track and You Should Have Told Me, it seems to have captured listeners' hearts. For a limited time you can download it here on this site for FREE when you log in as a Sarah Swanson fan. You can find our CD at: www.CDBABY.com/CD/SarahSwanson2 and also iTunes.

We have cool new photos and videos, some of which I'll post here. You can also visit: www.SarahSwansonMusic.com for more pictures of the band. They are a damn fine looking bunch!

We love to hear from fans and friends so please stay in touch. Support live and indie music when you can. Take a chance. Come and see us. And as always... Rock On! Much love and thanks, sarah

It's A New Year, Baby!

Happy New Year, Rockin' Friends! Looking forward to cranking up Sarah Swanson Music in 2013! After a few months hiatas, The Sarah Swanson Band is ready to dust off the equipment and PLAY this spring and summer. Please watch for new dates here or www.SarahSwansonMusic.com. We've recently made several Top Sellers at CD Baby again ~ a great way to start the year! www.CDBaby.com/CD/SarahSwanson2And THIS SIDE OF MADNESS rolled in at #14 on the Roots Music Report Michigan last week. Thank you for the much appreciated continued support and as always Rockkkk On! xoxo s

#8 on the ROOTS MUSIC REPORT Michigan~ Rock On!

Sweet surprise! Our "THIS SIDE OF MADNESS" CD moved up to *#8* on the Roots Music Report Michigan for 11.30.12! http://rootsmusicreport.com/index.php?page=statechart&state=MI Pls consider buying professionally created, homegrown, eco-friendly gifts: www.CDBaby.com/CD/SarahSwanson2 And for crying out loud, ROCK ON! xoxo

Sarah Swanson Band on WCSX DEEPTRAX Tonight!!!

TONIGHT 11.24.12 The Sarah Swanson Band is being played on WCSX Motor City Beat Deep Trax with Doug Podell!!! Pls listen *online* from 6-7 p.m. http://www.wcsx.com/deeptrax/ Look at this amazing lineup~ Brownsville Station, Iggy Pop, Broken Day Machine, Rare Earth, The Rockets, Measured Chaos, SRC, Rhythm Corp, Sarah Swanson, Bob Seger, Sonic Rendezvous, Letric Kramer , Ted Nugent .... What a rush to see us on this list! Please, please listen to THE Detroit Classic Rock Station that I truly listen to the most when I'm driving around! ROCK ON!!! xoxo


The new Sarah Swanson CD "THIS SIDE OF MADNESS" made #10 on the ROOTS MUSIC REPORT MICHIGAN in November! And our song "You Should Have Told Me" (hear it our website player www.SarahSwansonMusic.com!) made the TOP 10 INDIE SONGS for September & October on WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE RADIO! Yowzer ;)


We're donating 100% of our CD sales from CD Baby until further notice to Best Friends Animal Society who are sending crews right now to help pets in Hurricane Sandy! (www.BestFriends.org) @BFAS Until 10/31 Best Friends could get a match for donations. Order here: www.CDBaby.com/CD/SarahSwanson2 Pls share! Xoxo