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Ive managed to land another radio interview with Newcastle based radio statio ... NE1 FM.

NE1fm is Newcastle upon Tyne's first full-time FM community radio station which broadcasts 365 days a year at frequency 102.5FM and also live streams online making it available to the whole world via the internet. The interview will be going ahead on Tuesday the 25th of August at 7:00pm and il be playing a selection of live tracks on there too as part of the show. You can listen online by following the link below and opening into your favourite player. NE1 FM - Homepage is here --> www.ne1fm.com NE1 FM - Live Stream to listen online --> www.ne1fm.com/live.m3u Hope some of you get a chance to tune in and send in some questions if you would like something answered!! Shaggy!! www.shagpile.org - The Official homepage of Shagpile and his original Music

Lionheart Radio interview and live session

Lionheart Radio is a community run radio station that broadcasts from Alnwick in Northumberland and I landed an interview and also to play some live tracks of mine on there on the 2nd June via Derek from Acoustic Magic.

I turned up around 6:30pm on the Tuesday night with guitar in hand not really knowing what to expect as far as radio interviews go. After trailing up 3 or 4 flights of stairs I finally found my way to the reception of Lionheart Radio.. only to be told by the lovely gal on reception “you look out of breath .. didn’t you see the lift?” .. good job I had a little time before Paul turned up for his show to catch my breath back ..hahaha .. The receptionist also gave me a look at there stats and stuff on there computer which was cool and told me a bit of info about the station ….

Then Paul turned up … Paul Shucksmith has a show on there every Tuesday at 7:00pm and has been featuring the players from Acoustic magic on a monthly basis and theres been some great live music involved.. he’s definitely worth listening in for and I cant wait to hear the upcoming shows..

Paul went into the studio after splashing out the cups of Tea and I followed him in not long after with guitar in hand and a handful of CD’s. That’s when the nerves kicked in slightly .. we didn’t really have any preperation before hand and in between the song he told me that he doesn’t really plan out the show and likes it to just go along unplanned.. which I thought was a bit strange at first but the guy obviously knows what he is doing and once we got on air together he instantly makes you feel as if you’ve known him your whole life… and the show just all dropped into place from my point of view.. Paul instantly makes you feel relaxed and does a hell of a job at Lionheart. Top Fella!!!!!

Before I knew it the show had passed over 2 Hours of been on air .. I managed to play quite a few live tracks on air and also some tracks off the cd’s I took along. We had a heap of people emailing in and asking questions and asking for requests which really made the night that extra bit special. So from shaggy the radio star!! Thanks for all the support from all who listened in and the show is repeated this Monday coming at 10pm incase you missed it…. And for those of you who did miss it , without a good excuse…. SHAMMMMMME ON YOU!!!

Don’t forget to check out Paul’s upcoming shows and drop in at the website to say hi….


Thanks again!! Shaggy!

What a Weekend & The Big 3 OHHHH!!!

What a Weekend.

YOHOOOOO!! What a weekend its been and its took me till Tuesday to feel even remotely normal!!

To kick it off we were at the Isabella as part of the Bellacoustic night and the party for my 30th Birthday (although it wasn't till Sunday). The night kicked off with Ickle Daryl Burns opening up with his set and went on till closing time through out all the players.

First of all thanks to all the players who gave there time to play ... Daryl Burns, Clear Blue Skies, Micky Oliver, Hague, William West and the rest of Stolen Tom, which includes Sav playing the drums on Harrys Hat miced up... Hahha what a belta! We also had a SPECIAL GUEST appearance from Milinda doing her thing to La Bamba hahahhaha!! No Microphone Needed!!

Also thanks for everyone who came down for a beer and wished me happy birthday for Sunday... The missus and everyone else who helped organise it all as well... Paul & Kay from the Isabella for letting us take over the bar for the night.... all the people that bought me pressies!! (WEHEYY!!.. finally got an Acoustic Magic Clock!!) and anyone else who was hanging about listening to the music!! I Had a great night and it was a hell of a turnout. CHEEERS!!!

After That we all piled back to my house for a party till the daylight started popping through in the morning.. and all the drink was gone.. The birds were singing away when half the people left and I couldn’t move and was crashed out on the floor!!

Saturday daytime was a dead day literally and I felt like Sav was still playing that helmet as a drum .. apart from it was on my head this time .. OWWW!!!

On the night time we went over to Sunderland , The Independent to see the Stephen Fretwell gig ive been waiting on for months... and it was another cracking night although I struggled to face a drink. Got some cracking photos though for the Nocturnal Images website and had a canny chinese meal while we waited on the doors opening...

Then it was Sunday and I am now officially 30 .. hahhaha … good thing or bad thing?? Well have to wait and see I guess … I was gigging at Bubbles in Ashington with The Acoustic Magic Team supporting Greg Griffins of the band Proud Mary who has been on tour with Neil Young. Canny eh??

Again another cracking night and it ended with Greg taking to the stage. What a voice on the guy .. and a brilliant set .. look forward to catching him again some time and I’m gona pester him to take his part in the All Acoustic page too.. so il let you know how that goes!!

I Finished off the night by necking as many test tubes as I could get my hands on , which michelle at that point decided to stick them on her hands and do her edward scissor hands impression and I managed to stroll in at 3:30am blotto!! … and then I spent the whole day lying around on Monday!! Pleased I put in the holiday from work … as there was no chance I could have made it!! Like someone else from work who didn’t manage to get there…hahahha.. *cough * shelly *cough * ..

Once again thanks again to all who made the weekend what it was!!

Cheers Big Ears!! Shaggy!!!

Supporting Rod Clements @ Bubbles in Ashington

Another great new gig to get under my belt this week. Rod Clements was one of the original members from the band Lindisfarne and for those of you who dont know who they are then youre probably either too young or youve been locked in the basement by your dodgy father who only feeds you on a sunday!!

Anyways.. Derek from Acoustic Magic managed to sort this out for me and got us the gig supporting Rod Clements at Bubbles in Ashington…what a belta and it was amazing to share the stage with such a Legend!!!!

The running order was Clear Blue Skies, Hague, Myself and then the Fabulous Rod Clements who blew me away with his fingerstyle and slide guitar playing. Having already had a listen on his myspace I didnt really no what to expect from him playing solo but was pleasently surprised .. Damn he can play!!!!!!!

The night went great and Hague pulled a new song out the bag especially.. and also his Tightrope Walking song ,which was the last one he wrote I believe, is slowly becoming my favourite of his set!!

Clear Blue Skies had there usual mental banter about them while standing on one leg…. and Derek gave me a shot glass with a straw in it while I was on stage which…. turned out to be lager??? hahahha… oh and it was also Hairys birthday so he got the dedication of Land Down Under on the night..

We also got the chance to get our photos taking at the end of the show with Rod and thanks to Terry T-Shirt for doing all the photography on the night once again!!

All in all another great gig for Acoustic Magic which keeps on going from strength to strength..

So to all the Acoustic Magic team , Rod Clements and Hairy for his birthday!!! WEYHEEEEEEEY!!!!!

Mini - Tour & DVD

Mini-Tour and DVD February 23, 2009


Since Thursday its been a hell of a ride.. in 4 days ive done 5 gigs and recorded two DVD’s and partyed like an animal!!

It all started on Thursday night up at the Schooner Inn in Seahouses with an acoustic magic Busker night with a prize for the best artist of the night.. so me , flinty and gazza had a drive up , I did the set and won £50.00 prize money…Weeehooooo!!! What a cracker!This place is a great little venue and they love the live music… cant wait to get back there ..

Then Friday I was gigging up at Alnwick at The Hairy Lemon which turned out to be a great night .. there always seems to be a great atmosphere in there too even if there isnt too many in…. and the sound was done by Hague and sounded great on the night… there was also a killer balloon kicking about attacking everyone and liked having its photo took.. as it seems to be in nearly every photo..

Then the DVD recording Gigs .. on Saturday morning we set off for Wakefield with the band (Stolen Tom) to record a live gig DVD and also a Solo Shagpile Acoustic gig too at the Snooty Fox, so off we went with loadsa geordies in tow to invade Wakefield…..

We cracked open the beers in the car and got down there some time after 1:00pm , had a few beers in andy’s hotel and then nipped down to check in at the Graziers for more beers, until the Tom Bus pulled up with the rest of the band ….. the van showed up stickered up with Tom posters selotaped to the van,no expense spared.. hahahhahaha!! Good Job Flinto!!

We had some bait and more beer then headed down to the snooty fox to load in and get sound checked with the band, where we met Malc the owner and sound guy and all round great fella.. who loves his strange bottle of black alcoholic death stuff that burns a hole in your heart when you drink it.. hahahah..

Then onto the gigs.. I did a solo acoustic set first which then onto Hague, followed by Clear Blue Skies which both did brilliant sets..

Then onto the Band gig …”Stolen Tom”… We kicked off with “Like Hell” as usual and everything went great even though we had been on the drink since 1:00pm , hahahaha… The DVD’s turned out great and was one of our best gigs away to date..loadsa mad antics going on ,harry bumstead managed to control himself for the whole night although he didnt come home and when we returned to the bar to get the gear in the morning he was asleep on a bar table,oh and thanks to Andy for not letting me get any sleep what so ever by trashing the Hotel… Im sure the band is supposed to do that not the fans????

Anyways , after getting back at 4:00pm on sunday afternoon and vomiting all over the place I managed to drag my ass to Bubbles for the final gig and had a canny night although it had to be the hardest gig ive ever played and was pleased when it was all over.. and i could stop trying to keep myself from vomiting on the crowd..hahahaha

Checkout youtube for some of the videos to come.. especially keep an eye out for the “singing” on the bus on the way home when i get it up on there….. such a special moment thanks to sav and higgymeister…..hahahahhaha!!

Big Thanks to all the nuttas who travelled down with us,turned up at any of the gigs, Malc for the brilliant job on the whole night at the snooty fox and walkin us back to our hotels at 4am and also everyone who tuned in on the worldwide web to watch it live….. and a special massive thanks to Derek from Clear Blue Skies who made most of this possible!!

Until next time.. Chow 4 Now.. Shaggy!!

Yellow Submawha????

Just received some great news in about a gig on Febuary 25th 2010. Ill be playing at the "CAVERN CLUB" Liverpool as part of the Acoustic Magic Team and itll be £5.00 a ticket for those wanting to travel down... For those of you who have been locked away since you were born in a shed.. and havent heard of the place.. The Cavern Club is one if the most famous Music Venues in the world.. and heres a little snippit about the place!! The Cavern Club is a live music club at 10 Mathew Street, Liverpool, England. Opened on Wednesday 16 January 1957, the club is where Brian Epstein was introduced to The Beatles on 9 November 1961. So here's to the night of sharing the stage with some of the best musicians in the world along side some great freinds from Acoustic Magic!! I no its a year still but.. i cant WAIIIIIT!!WOOHOO!! Shaggy!! big thanks to Derek for sorting this!!

New album "Easy To Read" .. FREE DOWNLOAD!!

Hi again.. as promised..the new album.. "Easy TO Read" is now available on my homepage for a limited time.. the album comes in an easy to download .zip file complete with artwork,...

here is the link to the album.. or you can stop by www.shagpile.org and grab it :)

http://www.shagpile.org/easy to read/Shagpile - Easy To Read 2009.zip

all the best for 2009!!


Thoughts of how it used to be!!

New track up which was recorded over a couple of days.. the title is "young" ... hope you all like it and any comments or criticism is much appreciated.. oh and dont forget to listen for the frunken old man whistling at the end!! hahahahhaha

Thanks Shaggy!!

With a little help from my friends!!!!!

New song up people "Worth more than here"

Its a live recording of vocals and main guitar together with another guitar recorded over the top for good measure..

The lyrics came from a good friend of mine .. Fiona Dunn .. who i met online doing gigs on secondlife (Fluffy Forwzy online as shes known). She sent me these lyrics and this is how the song came out.. so take a listen and make sure you listen to those lyrics! They mean a lot!

Hope you all like it..


New gig Confirmed with Miles Hunt from the WonderStuff

Great gig coming up in december.. Il be playing along side Miles hunt from the wonderstuff, who is now an acoustic solo artist, Clear Blue Skies ,Steve Dagget originally from Lindisfarne and Paul lidell.

This will be at bubbles in ashington and will be a great night of acoustic music!

Cant Wait!! shaggy!