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Studio Session: Volume 2

The second song we laid down was a newer song titled "Whiskey Jane". Its a song i wrote a couple months back that has really grown on all of us as a band since i first introduced it. I wrote it acoustically and thank god i have incredible bandmates because after adding scott's bluesy guitar riffs, matts freakish drumming and brent's humming bassline, this song really came together. I feel as if though this song is probably our most ambitious song to date, both in context, structure and the overall push we decided to give it. As ambiguous as the lyrics may sound, this song revolved completely about a love/hate affair with alcohol itself. It was the love song ive always wanted to write but never really had the guts to do so. Everything before this had been about past relationships falling apart and the fallout afterwards. This song happened to be about a relationship thats so strong that it crumbles every other relationship around you and the struggle from staying away or coming back. The vocals on the track are very aggressive, perhaps too aggressive for myself considering my voice was shot in about 3 and a half takes. We even got the whole band, sans me plus Roy Robertson, in at the end of the night to do some gang vocals for the ending of the song. I feel as if this song could be one of our more bombast explorations in the kind of music RG has started to cultivate and im very anxious to see all your opinions and reactions to it. Anyway, i wanted to use this blog space a bit and tell you about our first recording trip. All in all it was an incredible, albeit exhausting, experience and myself and the members of RG are very very anxious to get in and record a couple more songs for you all to listen to. Until next time. Steve

Spencer B Kellermann
Spencer B Kellermann  (over 4 years ago)

I knew I heard Roy in there! I really feel the pull in the song, it's awesome that you can freely write about something so difficult. Well done!

Studio Session: Volume 1

Hola, this is Steve speaking. I just wanted to write a little about RG's first studio experience and what we put into the songs that we recorded this past week. Firstly, other than Scott, we were all very green at the whole studio recording thing. By way of Craigslist we found a local studio(Bear Bones Productions) that fit our price range and our time frame for the need to get some stuff professionally recorded ASAP, they also happen to do a hell of a job recording as well. In all honesty none of us really knew what to expect going in firstly for the aforementioned lack of experience and secondly because the studio we went to was a house transformed into a recording studio. Drums were setup in the living room who's high vaulted ceilings and ample space were perfect for acoustics, and in a small yet spacious room on the side of the house was the vocals room and control room. Bear Bones is a live performance based studio so we all plugged in, strapped on some headphones and listened to each others parts in live time as the scratch tracks were recorded. From the first run through of "Black Valley River" we knew this was gonna be a base we have yet to touch on yet. Evident by the "kids on christmas morning" looks me Brent and Matt exchanged as we heard Scott's reverb-tinged vocals echo through our headsets quickly followed by one of the best solos ive ever heard that talented man do. To say it was fun is a severe understatement. Matt sat behind a full-set of drums that im sure made it into his wet-dreams that evening as me and brent plugged in side-by-side next to him through pedal boards. The whole place was mic'ed so we could easily communicate ideas, flaws in our live run thrus, and the pure excitement of the sound to each other even though we were in different rooms. DC and Shelley run Bear Bones and we couldnt've asked for some better creative leaders than those two, even though Shelley mainly stuck to baking us cookies, bumming cigarettes, and constantly reminding us that, yes, it was perfectly fine to knock beer after beer down in the studio. DC is an old school guy. Records completely analog and i cant count how many times him and Scott would just ramble off about all the old blues music they used to listen to. He was professional and even though he knew he wasnt the producer of the tracks and took a step back on creative coaching, he was very much up front about what we all needed to do to get a quality sound. The guy is an absolute freak on the mixing board. As for the songs, the band decided to start off with something a little old and something a little new. The first track we nailed down was "Black Valley River", a track that weve had a terribly rough demo up here on Reverb for quite some time now. It was one of the first songs me and Scott wrote together back when we were the "Broken Bends". Me and Scott wrote it back in the living room of our former drummers house, which happened to share the same parking lot as one of the homeless shelters(who's name i cant recall right this moment) downtown. Scott ended up using the constant in and outs of many homeless males that we saw for hours on end to write some very dark and ominous lyrics to what we felt was a very brooding track. The result ended up being our favorite song to open shows with. Taking it in a slightly different direction than our previously recorded acoustic track, this time Scott went with a much crunchier, grimier sound on his guitar for the intro, as i pumped the breaks a little on my guitar part. I must say my favorite part of either two songs comes after the second chorus on Black Valley when the whole band kicks in and Scott's solo soars over the entire track. It was really THE shining moment in my opinion of our first studio visit and i cant wait for you all to hear it.

This Is our Blog

Hello, Steve here. This is our blog, i have zero clue who actually wants to read this but it Reverbnation told me that if i did it our profile would be over 50% complete. So thats what i did. If for some reason this blog ever did catch on in the future im sure youll be seeing more posts on it. Until then! Much Love, Steve