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Song Meanings: Unspoken Promises - Deluxe Single

-Overview: The name for the Deluxe Single came from any form of promise that we tend to make, but might not realize it. Unspoken promises could be watching over a loved one without them knowing it, always going out of your way to help at least one person in your daily life, or doing the right thing, even if it's hard. All of those could be unspoken promises to yourself and self rules for you to live by. The songs on this Deluxe Single are meant to give insight on the unspoken promises of the band.

-Track 1, Desperation: This track was meant not only to be an introduction, but as an internal battle inside one's head. Picture this as you listen to the song:

A person walking down a dimly lit street in the rain, contemplating where they went wrong in their life. They've had every ounce of cheerfulness drained from them and have nobody to turn to and no idea where to go.

And then someone that cares about them tries to call them, because they never really quite left in the first place. The love was there, just not visible until someone came to their senses about giving a hand to a person in need.

But it was too late. All that's left are the remnants of a dial tone from a call gone unanswered.

It gets better. It always gets better.

-Track 2, Unspoken Promises: Hopefully it doesn't take losing a loved one to realize just how much life should be cherished. The main point of the song is to inspire someone to care for anyone they can, because it just might help that person more than you would think.

You'll be okay. I promise you, promise me.

-Track 3, Unspoken Promises (Acoustic): We decided to put a twist on a favored song of ours by giving it a more mellow and acoustic sound. The meaning stayed the same, see the above description for that