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Kickstarting Our Kickstarter

Over the last two months we have been recording our first full length album. Quite frankly it is the best sounding album any of us has produced over the many years and many bands that we each have played in. To help fund our new album, we have started a Kickstarter campaign. This is where we need your help, click the link below and pledge any amount that you can.


Everyone who pledges will have their name included in the liner note on the album, plus we have a few different rewards set up depending on the amount that you pledge. For those of you who are new to Kickstarter, the way it works is we set an amount that we need to fund the album, then you guys pledge whatever you can. If we hit our goal then Kickstarter charges you the money you pledge and we get going pressing our album. If we don’t hit our goal, you won’t get charged at all, and we have to find some other way to fund the album (maybe we can become human test subjects or something).

We only have till December 31 to get to our goal of $1,200. So for the album’s sake (and our bodies sake) please pledge as soon as you can.