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Lately I have been creating music and just putting them out as soon as possible.

I know I was gone for a while but I had Important issues that I needed to take care of in my personal life. Please forgive me.

My love for music will never diminish though! At first I kinda gave up because of all the stuff I was going through and I couldn't think of anything to write! I didn't have that drive to create music anymore.

I could happily say I made it through that phase and made up my mind to just create whatever kind of music I want. I think it was just a situation I had to get through because the music I create now is just really how I feel.

I am currently in the process of upgrading my equipment to a good quality studio. Can you believe that the last 5 or 6 songs i created, I've been using a Konami Video-Game Mic?

Well you have to work with what you got. Stay tuned for my Album #NowOrNever BIG PLANS! I LOVE YOU FOR STAYING WITH ME WHEN I WAS DOWN!