New song is now playing!!!

We're Back!!!! With a new drummer Scott Klusaw and bassist John Cychosz. And Dakota is back playing lead guitar for us.

We're Back!!!!

New song coming soon. New art and logo and new members.


Big, big changes are coming to this band. Good changes. Keep and eye out and an ear out for what's coming on the next few months.


20,000 plays in less than 10 months!!!! Thank you all for your support!!!

The CD is Finished!!!!

The CD is Finished!!!! Please take time to listen and let us know what you think.


Hopefully we have a finished CD this Saturday. And once again a BIG THANK YOU to MIKE!!!!! Thank you for all the work you have put into this CD.

CD Update

We have started the mixing process. And just a couple more guitar tracks to put down. Thank you Mike for all the work that you are doing for us in the studio. For those of you who are familiar with the band in Omaha NE, the songs we have recorded are The Demon Strikes, Ashes to Ashes, For Vengeance, Bum Fights and because everyone loved what we did to it and said we should record it. Our twisted and evil version of Duran Duran's song Hungry Like the Wolf. Yes we Metal up Hungry Like The Wolf. Fans of Duran Duran have told us we did an exellect job. So hopefully in a couple more weeks it will be up for everyone to listen to and please tell us what you think.


Over 10,000 plays in 8 months. I wonder what it will look like in another 8 months after our CD release in June.

Almost Finished

One more weekend and we should be done recording all the tracks. Then, we have to mix it. And mixing can take longer than recording. But we are almost done.


The first week of recording went good. We have a lot of work to do yet. But we are looking at the end of April for our 1st professionally recorded CD to be released.