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And You Thought It Would NEVER Come, BBA Set to Release 1st FULL Album

Its finally coming. After 2 years of talking about it and lost band members, new band members, firing of band members, and mostly a lot of drinking and drugs, The Beach Bum Alcoholics will finally have their first full length (or any length for that matter) album. It’s set to release on August 31st which is subsequently the day before The Beach Bums 1st tour.

Jelly Joe putting the finishing touches on a track The album is being produced by Jelly Joe Young, local hip hop artist as well as beat maker, producer, and entrepeneur. Jelly said, “I’ve never done project like this, so it’ll be interesting to work on it.” Beach Bums frontman Mike Gordon and Jelly Joe have been friends since the 6th grade. “I remember getting thrown out in the hallway and getting in trouble with Mikey,” continued Young. The expertise and experience brought to the table by Jelly Joe will bring an added flavor and credibility to the album. B-Rad laying down some guitar tracks The album is set to consist of some old favorites including Mel Gibson, Creep (parody), and My Butt. Also on the album, never performed live tracks including Rubber Lover, My Addiction, and Goodbye Friend are set to be included as well as a few skits, sketches, and bits including a road trip scenario throughout the album. The album is set to leave 16 tracks on it while leaving out certain live classics as Blue Ball Blues, Less Fun, Vivirito’s, and others. The band introduces what seems to be a new on going joke called story time which will feature several quick hit clips to the album for quick laughs.

Mikey G and B-Rad playing LIVE (and getting hammered) Overall this is gonna be a fun project and the band already has a tour scheduled for this late summer. The album release party is scheduled for Friday August 31st at a place TBD in StL. Here is a list of the tour dates: Saturday Sept. 1-STL At St. Louis University Sunday Sept. 2-Kirksville At Truman State University Monday Sept. 3-Columbia At the University of Missouri Tuesday Sept. 4-Warrensburg At the University of Central Missouri Wednesday Sept. 5-Kansas City At UMKC Thursday Sept. 6-Springfield At Missouri Southern Friday Sept. 7-Cape Girardeau At SEMO Saturday Sept. 8-STL TBA

Come out and get DRUNK!!! Why not????