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Festival 100 times more People than expected

I just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks for the Cyclones for EVERYTHING they did to help make the Balloons Over Fayette a success!!! This was the first time our department has ever tackled an event this size and we didn’t really know what to expect! At first, we were hoping for about 1500-3000 people. Then, as the time was getting closer and closer, we thought we may get 5000-6000 people. Well, we ended up with 10,000-12,000 people at the entire event! Everywhere you turned, there were people! Absolutely, everyone around had a wonderful time listening to the music and the entertainment from the Cyclones! Rob and Jason (and EVERYONE with them) were extremely easy to work with and very professional. They were great to ask questions to and were very accommodating for us “newbies,” when it came to these special events! I can’t wait to work with them again! Thanks, so much, for making this event a HUGE success!!!! Debbie Parrish Fayette County Parks & Recreation Department


GOT TO download the new "Cyclones Rule" music and info APP!!!! Yes APP.. available for android and iphone, just another way to say thanks to ALL OF YOU!! It is you fans that make all of this possible.


This reminds me of Elvis' music sort of. I like the beat a whole lot. The singers voice is very iconic. The lyrics aren't SUPER deep, but yet again, not all songs are supposed to be deep. I enjoyed the song and I do think it could make it on the radio. This track had a very "rock and roll blues" vibe. The guitar and the lyrics were what really stood out to me. The song was fun, catchy and upbeat. The main focus was on the instruments - especially the guitar; there were some killer riffs that really emphasized the song. And also the vocals were unique and were sung in good balance with the rhythm of the song. I like the rock guitar sound in this song. It has that classic feel that is fun to listen to. The vocalist has a country sound mixed with an Elvis Presley sound. The lyrics are easy and kind of corny. I like the song as a whole but it has poor quality sound and it sounds dated, with the help of professional grade recording, this song could be a masterpiece, unless the artist wants that open live sound. I love how this guy sounds. He reminds me so much of Elvis Presley, it's uncanny. The song is really catchy and has a fun and vibrant feel to the beat and tune of the melody. I love that this artist is trying to bring back the old rock and roll classic image compared to the current rock and roll image out there now. I love the Johnny Cash/rockabilly feel to this song! I love the sound of the buzz of the double bass at the forefront of this song! The vocals fit perfectly and I generally love the sound of all the instrumentation - it is a real authentic sound - untarnished by over-production. It sounds like it's arrived straight from the 50s! Fantastic!