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New Album: Postscript

Since the release of The Morrigan's first album, Celestial Foci, on 3/3/13, The Morrigan has been quite musically active and experimenting with a lot of new material. A new album is now in the works, and is essentially finished. Just waiting on some cover art! The Morrigan was behind the cover art design for Celestial Foci, but for Postscript is having an artist work on some designs. Hopefully it will be ready soon!


The instrumental version of Celestial Foci will hopefully be released at some point in January of 2013. At this time, it will become available for download for free on ReverbNation. In the meantime, The Morrigan has also been working on string arrangements for new projects, such as a string septet in Eb Major/C minor, and a string sextet in E minor. The Morrigan has a fair amount of new material to develop for further future albums.

New Logo

Finally finished creating the new band logo; I think it's a huge improvement over the first one.

Celestial Foci (Album Track List)


01. The Lonestrom


Section 1: Silver Zenith

02. A Decade in the Void

03. The Awakening

04. Warm Initiation

05. Sunrise

06. Bass Relic

07. Dancer of Dusk

08. Descent


Section 2: Shaded Transit

09. The Light of a Shadow

10. Nostalgic Elegy

11. Dragon Tattoos: The Lost & The Longing

12. Beautiful Lie


Section 3: Crying Nadir

13. Chromatic Anguish (3:23)

14. Daemons

15. Fljotandinn (Spirit of Rivers)

16. Celestial Foci

17. Tearstained

18. Turn Reality Into Dreams

19. Ashes and Dust


Bonus Track:

20. The Nadir's Eclipse

Album Progress

The instrumental version of The Morrigan's first album, Celestial Foci, is currently not yet finished. This is a particularly large album, at 19 songs, not including the bonus track, although most of the songs are on the shorter side. The instrumental version will be released first, and made available for download upon completion. Once the vocal tracks for the songs on the album that have lyrics are finally recorded and properly mixed, the official version of the album will be released and, again, made available for download. Both versions will be completely free to download. For the moment, you can currently stream several of the songs on the album on reverbnation, but downloading will not become an option until all of the instrumental versions of the songs are finished.