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Learning and Revising

Last year was ok for me. I jumped 3000 spots for the city ranking. Made network connections. And vot my fame up a little. Not bad. But not satisfied. I learned what my strong points are. And what needs more improvement! Last year was the "crawling" stage. Now its time to stand up and "walk"! Then i'll be "running" in no time!

Grindin' + Timin'

Grindin' is when you put in blood, sweat, tears in your passion. Never stopping for anyone or anything that doesn't want you to make it. Putting in that ground work, so it can rise and grow to the sky.

But it's all about Timin'. Everything has it's season. Theres a time to save, and stock/stack up, theres a time, when you need to do spring cleaning, and rid ya self of old things to become new, and of course theres a time when you SHINE.

With that said, Grind hard, and wait for ya time. Hard worked never goes un-noticed....

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The Grind Begins

When you are an up and coming artist everyone has their opinion of what you should sound like. what they think people wanna hear. me? i can care less. i make music to my liking. i stay with a basic and simple approach and take things from there. like it or hate, i keep doing me. so with that said , the Grind begins.....