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Creative Haiku

Things Happen are currently taking a long deserved rest...we are sitting back to contemplate the next trip we will set off on....

Estamos actualmente descansando, contemplando los siguientes pasos a seguir !!

Things Happen Casually looking North

As a band we have been together nearly five years. We are looking for experimental music festivals where we can perform. Any promoters out there, contact us !! ktm690@gmail.com

1 Subconcious Creator Artist Group Happening, UREF, La Floresta, 20 July, 2013

Great concert with Flaco RCA spanish hip hop we decided to all play as one venue...afterall, thats what we do , IMPROVISE !! Looking forward to playing together again in the next SCAG Happening !

New song "Behind the words"

Sorry, but we don't believe our politics and their words.. We present a new topic, which perhaps is a joke, but with a background of very serious, sad and unfortunately true. We played with a rhythm and insistent and catchy sequence, backgrounds and landscapes in crisis, and the voice of the leader of the moment (Rajoy). The whole song revolves around the famous political phrases "and what we have to do- Y lo vamos ha hacer", that are becoming more like a '"and we will not have to do- Y NO lo vamos ha hacer ",the same that, to pledge and promise to fuck, and once fucked, nothing promised. II don`t know it happens in other countries, but I think it is a political language universal ... Quim (bass)

Our music allows us the freedom to not only the creation but also the expression, and together, we express our deepest THappen disagreement with the spanish current government. This new theme Behind The Words .... is our bit for nothing more than kicking artistically. Enjoy! PAUL (drums) Each second we live is a new and unique moment of the universe..., a moment that will never return ... (Pau Casals) THINGS HAPPEN CASUALLY

Concert UREF1 March, 2013

Things Happen performed at the UREF in La Floresta, Barcelona, with support act Alberto Perez Sound. Great ambience, great lights and sound. We blew a lot of minds away....everyday more and more improvisional fans that get off with fresh and original creation-sessions !!!

2 new songs !! with extra guest voice

We added two new songs, jam fruit of November, with guest star Alberto as super ... You enjoy the songs!

God, give me patience.., but now ! New song

We all need patience and serenity right now. Barcelona and Catalonia seeking social outlets for its delicate situation, economic and identity. From worst we have come ...

Hope you like

New song !!

New Powerful song that emerges from the collaboration with Josep Sanou. The track was recorded live a warm August afternoon. http://www.josepsanou.com

New News !!!

Nos damos a conocer al mundo !!!. Creemos que ha llegado el momento de enseñar nuestra creaciones e improvisaciones. Intentamos ser los mas frescos posibles y que la situación del momento que vivimos se refleje en nuestra forma de componer mes a mes, semana a semana, día a día.... We give to the world !!!. We believe it is time to show our creations and improvisations. We try to be the freshest possible, and that the current situation we live is reflected in how we write every month, week to week, day by day ....