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It's almost here! Save the Date May 2 Seattlites!!!

Putting the finishing touches on these new songs that will soon be taking their first steps in the blinking light of day! (Or, you know, in your computer or a cd) It's been over 6 years since my last album- alot of life has happened, loss,love, misdirection,change in relationship: to myself,to time, to the past...If you are one of the amazing people who contributed to my Indie gogo campaign to make this album happen- I am sending you a huge hug and big sloppy kiss right freakin' now!! The cd release show (the 1st one anyway) will be at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard on May 2 at 7:30! Then it's off to Portland on May 12th at Artichoke Music. Oh and those of you who called yourself "Anonymous" in the campaign- I'd LOVE to know your TRUE IDENTITY so I can get you a cd and t-shirt~~~C'mon, let me know !! I so appreciate it and so appreciate you checking out my songs.It's been 6 years- thee's alot more coming ! Grazie,Sue

Not playing much- but for a good reason

It's taken awhile but I've chosen what I believe to be the right partner in helping create the kind of EP that exemplifies where my songs are at these days ~ So you ;ll notice I have very few gigs- that's because I want to be solely focused on my first cd in a few years now and am psyched about the shape these songs are taking with Johnathan Plum at London Bridge studio (Nirvana,Pearl Jam,Brandi Carlile,3DoorsDown,Soundgarden) My goal is to complete this project this summer and then start releasing singles all over the wide,wide world. As always, I appreciate you swinging by and checking out what I'm up to- Stay tuned in the next few months and DO come to the Seattle Acoustic Fest-Aug-27-28!!!!

Working on songs for a new EP

Having gone through some *life* in the past little while, I'm super excited about the songs I've been writing reflecting those experiences and can't wait to get them recorded~Looking to have it completed this spring! Lyrics and samples to come ! Check out my FB page at www.facebook.com/suequigleymusic

back in with a band!

playing with Jeff on bass still and Terry Rosback on drums- excited to be playing some new tunes to be unleashed but soon!

SXSW was a hoot- now- to the Beach!!!

Heading down to that City by the Bay to play at Philz Coffee on Apr 18th@5 PM with the lovely and talented Deb Crooks, then Cafe Royale on Apr 19th in SF then it's on a Virgin (airplane) to LA to play Trip in Santa Monica and the Talking Stick in Venice Beach!! Cali Peeps- Come out and say hello!!!!

To be featured on Marty Reimer's Podcast Feb.23rd!!

I am totally psyched to be featured on 103.7 The Mountain's Marty Reimer podcast @ 9 AM on Feb,23rd! Check him out at www.facebook.com/martyReimer or www.martyreimer.com In addition, on Feb 24th I'll be playing with pal Helen Ray and a whole hot mess of other chick singers at the Mix in Georgetown!! Show starts at 8!! Oh and one of my elementary students asked me why I don't have a husband so,...guess I better get one~

Basketball,Showbox,The Mountain and Radio8Ball show...and Radio Promo nacional

Thursday, March 26, 2009 ~

I can't stop watching basketball- it seems to fit the space I'm in lately-concrete,goal-oriented, changing on a dime,,,plus I love those shorts...but I digress... We had a BLAST at the Showbox Sodo show @ the Soundbite- great bands, the salmon from Ray's was off the hook and Bill from 103.7 moved his MIniCooper so he could give me his parking space cuz I was running late- what a prince! Will try to get some pix up soon... Thanks to Amy from King of the Mountain show for being such a peach and playing me last week-Sweet! The Radio8Ball on-air show last FRiday was riveting-amazing host Andras Jones and guest Isis...who does some kinda 91/2 Weeks seminar for couples, were so thought-provoking in their interpretations of my songs in answer to the "Pop Oracle" questions-here's the podcast link-http://www.radio8ball.com/podcasts if you wana check it out-truly you can divine meaning out of anything to fit your situation if you look hard enough... also, been spending the last few weeks getting ready to send over 500 cd's out to the world for a national radio promotion with Organic Entertainment....damn, but those little stamps do add up~~~

CD release at the Tractor!

Let me just say that last nite's show with SeeingBlind,Sera Cahoone and Betsy OLson was one of the best shows I've ever been in - the audience and energy was amazing! People dancing to my song "Killingsworth Street"-who knew my friends could waltz?!!Thanks to allll of ya'll for so greatly improving my mood of late-Thanks to Amy of Watertown Coffee for your caffeinated advice backstage!!

KIm RUehl of Seattle Sound magazine-"Quigley's “Killingsworth Street” reined supreme. Her UK radio hit “Paper Tiger” was also nice and rockin’ and the understated, vaguely twangy turn she took on Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees” at the end was fantastic..."

Featured on Women's Radio

Thanks to Brian Ball at Women's Radio http://www.wrmusicreview.com/ for featuring tunes from my 1st cd "Outside In"!!

dispatch from the road...

dispatch from the road...... Current mood: adventurous

Well, here at the Hamptom inn of Vacaville (pronounced Vaack-uh-ville I was told) the pool is the size of a Volkswagen, the hot breakfast featured something like a HotPocket-Eggo hybrid and it was 115 degrees a few days ago- However! The Awesome Bob who coordinated my show and his pals who helped me with my Jeep top( as long as I did a 15 second song to their City Supervisor who is up for re-election...so now I'm a corporate whore) are forever in my heart.....tonite it's on to the Bay Area for my show w/ Tamra Engle and then figuring out the least painful, most scenic route to LA! Later~q