Live-off-the-floor/Hoping for the best

We received an invitation a couple weeks ago, to go record an album at a fellow musician's (Terry, from the band Dirty Hurricane) studio.

The recording format was to be "live off the floor". In other words, we get set up in the same room, do individual sound checks, then run through a quick warm-up song to get the levels just right.Then we run through our songs, unable to stop if we make a mistake.

It is a raw, honest representation of how a band really sounds, without the benefit of any studio tricks such as overdubs.

As opposed to standard recording procedures where the musicians are separated in soundproof booths, playing with headphones on. This method has the band playing in a live format, where eye contact and full volume are norm.

In order to get a loose, live sound, our style of play certainly could benefit from this recording technique.

Speaking of getting loose, we brought a bunch of good, German beers, and a bottle of good, Kentucky moonshine. This is not a good idea for everyone however, our guitarist highly recommends it.

We started recording at sunset, on a hot, summer day, and ripped through an 8 song set of our original "extra-hard-rock" music. Things were sounding good, we were having a blast, playing with our usual intensity, cranked up super loud.

Since our band prefers to play with feel, we were not concerned about making minor mistakes. We would rather ad lib with a spontaneous jam, than stop for a a technical error. We are fortunate enough to have excellent chemistry, and just seem to know where the other guys are at, even if we totally screw up and forget the next part. We'll just come up with something out of thin air. Huge bonus, for sure.

By the time we finished recording, it was getting pretty late, so we only had time to hear a snippet of a couple tracks. But what little we did hear, we definitely liked.

Also, we managed to shoot some video for one of our best songs; "Steppin' Dynamite", which looked pretty damn cool to us. We hope to have it ready in a few weeks for release on YouTube, ReverbNation, Facebook, and Twitter.

When we find out when everything is ready, we will post a heads-up on all our media platforms.

In the meantime, we'll keep rehearsing and writing, and hoping for the best.

Thanks for reading our blog!