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Oddity the band is a three piece rock assemble residing from Chicago, IL. Frontman Oscar Baker, 24, his brother and bassist Harvey Baker, 20, and drummer Tom Fry, 24. The Baker brothers were born in England and came over to the U.S at a very young age. Fry, who hails originally from Chicago, met Oscar Baker while in school and the rest is history. The trio has been playing together under the name FLETCHER since 2012 where they formed as a basement project. Now with a fresh new name and having played all over the city the band continues to make their mark on the rapidly growing Chicago music scene.

Over the past four years the trio has electrified audiences all over the Windy City and across the country. Oddity has made appearances playing sold out shows at Lincoln Hall, Park West Grill, the House of Blues, Whisky a Go-Go, and as well as a number of outdoor festivals during the summer months. The trio made a must hear appearances playing an acoustic set on the Nick Digilio Show heard on WGN Radio, Local Anesthetic on Chicago’s WXRT, snagging a spot JBTV, and gaining a noteworthy mention from BBC Radio.

Oddity’s sound is of a quintessential alternative rock band; loud, upbeat, and energetic creating a sound that people can’t help but tap your feet or even dance. The trio’s sound is infectious and will surely draw in listeners now matter the circumstance. The band's influences span from the Arctic Monkeys, the Foo Fighters, Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, and Foals. All in which certainly can be heard in their music capturing the epitome of the British rock sound. While having this crisp and upbeat sound the band is extremely relatable. Two out of three members are brothers and all have known each other for ages, so related or not it is very evident that Oddity has captured a very collaborative sound where everyone’s voice is heard.

Fletcher's Year

We first launched on Reverbnation in August 2012. Incredible that we're now number 2 on the Alt Charts for Chicago and 72 nationally. Pumped about our JBTV event on Feb 2, which will amazing for our local and national PR. Loads of Chicago shows with the best fans a new band could wish for. Now we're moving into other mid-west markets. Keen play gigs in tons of cities. 2013 could be Fletcher's year - we can make that happen.

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